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Ross Jeffries - : Yet More On Boyfriend Destroying!

"Yet More On Boyfriend Destroying!" / May 11th, 2007

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Yet More On Boyfriend Destroying!
by Ross Jeffries of Ross Jeffries -
May 11th, 2007

Man oh man. I have really hit a nerve.

I've been writing these newsletters for a while now, and no single topic has gotten the kind of responses from around the world as my "boyfriend destroyer" issues.

Actually, at least in the beginning, I have NO interest in "destroying" a boyfriend.

After all, until I've been with a girl, sexually, how am I even supposed to know if I WANT to be anything more than a "bit of fun"?

Lets just say that, for starters, I am only interested in having her put the boyfriend "aside" into that "not so important place" in her mind.

You see, as I have said, women have "compartments" in their minds, different levels for different kinds of thinking.

For those of you who have my Speed Seduction»® Home Study Course, you will be familiar with the 4 levels of the mind theory.

Basically it says, you can think of a woman's mind has having four levels:

The "get it done" level. This is where she keeps her "to do" list:
do the laundry, get the car to the mechanic, etc. etc.
The social programming/social approval level. Where she thinks
about what society SAYS she should want, how she OUGHT to
behave, what her family and peer group would think.
The illusion of choice level. What she THINK is the real her,
because it is what she is used to doing, thinking feeling, wanting
The place of pure exploration, the ocean of discovery and suggestibility.
Where she is ripe for trying on and trying out anything and everything.
Now, the good news is, most "borefriends" fit into category 3 and 4.,

When a guy comes along who can get her into level 4…ooooooh. Now, THAT is a story of a different kind.

Not every woman is open or ready for this. She has to be suggestible, and on some level, aware of her discontent. And she has to be pretty open and adventurous.

Anyway, let's get to your continued feedback on this issue. Here's some goodies from the mail bag


I enjoy your newsletters, but this boyfriend destroyer thing seems like a contradiction to me.
Don't you also teach not to come from scarcity? If there are plenty of women around, why not let it go when she says she has a boyfriend?

Ralph Jakes
Madison, WI"


Sometimes I DO let it go. The question is, is the boyfriend really a problem or just an autopilot response?

So many really lovely women are just hanging on, waiting for a better choice or option. Oftentimes, that's me!

But to each his own. On to the next comment:


A female friend of mine once explained that unless she is totally drunk and really really horny at the very moment then she ALWAYS tells guys that she has a boyfriend.

The reason that she uses to explain this is that, she wants to see if the guy has any interest in her as a person or if the guy just wanted to get into her pants. If the guy doesn't want to talk with her after she mentions the BF then she makes the assumption (probably rather correctly) that the guy just wanted sex.

So, some HB says that she has a BF...
If you just were talking to her as if she were another average human being then the BF is not an issue at all, right? You're just talking... (I must admit that this is a conscious belief that I have, purely logical, and am working it down into my subconscious with practice)

SB(name and email withheld by request)via the Internet"


You know, I never really thought about it like that, but I could see it as a test to see if:

1. You are sure enough to press forward and that you really DO want to get to know her.

2. A test of your intent to see if you have MORE than just a physical interest

In any case, women certainly think differently about these things than most of us would suspect, don't they?

The bottom line in all of this is the following: IF a woman is truly satisfied and pleased where she is at, with the man she is with, you aren't going to get anywhere, so no harm done.

If she isn't pleased, then does he really "own" her at all?
Should he be allowed to "keep" her when he is NOT keeping her happy?

I don't think so. I draw the line, of course, at a friend's girlfriend(unless he explicitly ok's it) but otherwise, I say, have fun and see what can happen.

Peace and piece,

~Ross Jeffries, Founder, Speed Seduction»®

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