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Shamanic Seduction : Kino Tricks

"Kino Tricks" / August 11th, 2009

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Kino Tricks
by Etienne Charland of Shamanic Seduction
August 11th, 2009

I usually never talk about techniques because it’s only focusing you away from what really matters: the way you feel and who you are.

About everything you hear, forget about the rules, find the base principles and inspire yourself from the actions.

Here’s some tricks you can inspire yourself from to get more physical contact with women in inoffensive ways.

In bars or clubs, if there’s some comfort but no contact, you can put your hand under her hairs and gently rub the back of her neck and head. Your hand is mostly hidden so it passes almost unknown and it’s funny how it turns them on. They usually simply ask “What are you doing?” and I only answer “I like playing in hairs”. I sometimes tease them about how they don’t react to me playing in their hairs in public. They’ll just close their eyes and smile! It’s the most inoffensive kino I know to turn them on. I found out I could get away with it even when I’m in an average state of mind.

If you’re dancing close with a girl and she really likes you, touching her boobs in public of course would make her uncomfortable. However, you can pull her closer and make her boobs rub your abdomen in such an innocent way that nobody notices it. It turns her on like crazy, but only do it if 1) there’s enough rapport 2) you’re comfortable enough dancing close to her 3) you don’t over-do it. When something works, we tend to over-do it. Just do it a little.

And my personal favorite. She’s dancing in front of me, I take her hands, put them on my shoulders and continue dancing like if I was alone. If she’s not sure what to do and slowly pulls her hands away, I’ll put her hands on my shoulders or around my hips again. It’s such a perfect way of setting a non-pursuing frame of “you play with me and I enjoy it”.

Now here’s the thing. Don’t “try” to do these because trying to do something creates stress, makes you nervous and appears unnatural. Just know it can be done in the right circumstances and don’t try to do it. You don’t have to do anything and don’t need anything so you feel comfortable the whole evening, this is the 90% that matters. If the circumstances are there, let these kino tricks or others naturally flow out of you.

If you’re not comfortable doing it, then you can “try” it a few times only to enlarge your comfort zone. Otherwise, you can do it, but not “try”.

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