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Shamanic Seduction : Mating Was Not Meant to be so Complicated

"Mating Was Not Meant to be so Complicated" / March 11th, 2010

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Mating Was Not Meant to be so Complicated
by Etienne Charland of Shamanic Seduction
March 11th, 2010

I said many times that if mating was meant to be as complicated as it is, we wouldn’t be here today. I had no clue how right I was. I rarely read newspapers, but I happened to flip through the newspaper today and saw an articles that says that in 40 years, white people may become a minority in the United States because 48% of births are currently from immigrants.

That’s a huge thing right here.

With the mating dynamics of our Western society, unless there is a major change of course, white people will be a minority in USA in 40 years, and are heading towards extinction.

Hispanic women have an average of 3 childs, while white women have an average of 2 childs. On top of that, divorce rate of white people is over 50%. Why is that, and what can we do about it?

Here are some reasons that make mating so complicated

- Women have their femininity repressed and have become more masculine, partly because of the feminist movement, partly because of the image of women portrayed in medias and magazines that does not match their real biological nature.

- Western people in general lost touch with their emotions, intuition, instinct and spontaneous human nature, and as a consequence, lack the ability to have intimacy and to have passionate relationships that lead to families.

- People are so stuck in a full-time work routine. Many years ago, before women were recognized as legal entities in the system, men would bring enough money for the family from their work. But ever since women got equality, both the man and the woman need to work full-time to provide enough money for the family. So much for equality!

So what can you do about it? Solve each of these problems in your personal life first, then show the example to people surrounding you. Nothing will change until people massively become aware of these issues.

Talk soon,

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