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"What is Seduction" / September 2nd, 2010

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What is Seduction
by Etienne Charland of Shamanic Seduction
September 2nd, 2010

You are learning about seduction... but what is seduction? It is not about seducing women, it is about living a seducing life. It is about seducing yourself, seducing life, seducing friends, seducing strangers, seducing customers, seducing allies, seducing enemies — and seducing women.

How can you seduce a woman if you can’t seduce yourself? How can a woman fall in love with you if you haven’t fallen in love with life?

From this new perspective, seduction is a lifestyle that you live for yourself. Connecting with women is a by-product of this lifestyle, and physical relationships are a by-product of connecting with women. Sex is then not a goal but a logical consequence.

How do you measure success? I like looking at how women respond to indicate my level of success, but their reactions vary too much from one culture to the other to be an accurate measure of success, and you can’t always look for approval from the outside.

What really indicate success is how much you can seduce yourself, and how seducing your lifestyle is. If people envy your lifestyle, and you are a source of inspiration for people around you, then you have achieved success. People will be drawn to you, including women, because you inspire them.

Even if we talk about multiple relationships, there is nothing offensive to women in there. You aren’t trying to get laid, you aren’t manipulating them and you aren’t taking them as a piece of meat. You live a seducing life that inspires women and draws them to you.

By doing so, I am clearly stepping out of the “seduction community”, and broadening the definition of seduction to reach much higher levels. The goal is then to bring your life more and more seducing to yourself, and to let people join you along the way. It is living a continual adventure ;)

~Etienne Charland, Seduction & Intimacy Specialist

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