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The Art of the Pickup : An Utterly Useless Technique to Get Her Number

"An Utterly Useless Technique to Get Her Number" / September 21st, 2006

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An Utterly Useless Technique to Get Her Number
by Jay Valens of The Art of the Pickup
September 21st, 2006

Go up to a girl and ask her in some way whether she has a cell phone or not.

It doesn’t really matter how you ask, it’s a simple question and unless you live in a cave in a third world country, she will probably say “yes” unless you give her a creepy vibe or approach her in a threatening way.

You: “I have a trick I want to show you. Let me see what kind of cell phone you have.”

If it’s a flip style phone, ask her to flip it open while holding it. If it’s non-flip, just ask her to hold it.

Take your own cell phone and hold it over hers a couple of inches. If you can, press any button on your phone that lights the display up both otherwise does nothing.

Move your cell phone a little bit like it’s a magic wand over her phone for a few seconds. Then stop and close your phone up and say with a smile “I just moved a random number off your phone into mine.”

Be believable. Give her no reason to doubt you.

She may freak or even seem to get upset asking you “Which one??” She’ll start looking through her phone and paging through her numbers.

You: “You won’t be able to tell which one until you try to dial it.”

She will then immediately demand you put the number back. Of course, no such number was ever taken from her phone but the point is you’re toying with her a bit.

Tell her something like “OK, it’s just a trick I learned that works with any phone… I have to send it using a special command via text to your phone.”

Start typing a text (SMS) message on your phone (don’t show her what you’re typing). Then tell ask her how she can receive a SMS/TXT message and of course she will have to give you her number. Send the message to her and tell her “OK, it’s sending it back to you now.”

The message you typed will be “Hi, I’m Jay. I didn’t really take any #’s. :)”. Of course, replace “Jay” with your name.

Some phones let you store prepared messages; you can make that one of your stored messages to save time.

So, now you have her number and you even got it in an interesting way. Why is it an utterly useless technique?

Other than displaying a prank-like sense of humor, you have mode no connection with the girl and displayed nothing of real value to her.

You can call the number later knowing it’s legit but this does not make her attracted to you, let alone even want to answer the call.

You must still build attraction which means you must communicate to her and garner some rapport before getting her number will lead you anywhere more than just … getting her number.

Now I will give you a way to get over 1,000 valid phone numbers in less than 1 day.

It’s not a secret. I can teach it to you in only 4 words. Are you out there somewhere reading this thinking “How, Jay, tell me HOW to get over 1,000 valid phone numbers in less than 1 day!”

OK, I will tell you:

Open a phone book.

You have almost as much connection with a random anonymous number as you do getting a number from a girl with absolutely no rapport or even a connection.

Getting a phone number is not what you think it is.

If you have a reasonably good vibe with a positive demeanor, many girls will give you their number after just a few words exchanged and you just ASKING for it.

It’s not progress anymore than driving over a speed-bump keeps you from moving forward.

If most guys drove the way they follow through with girls, every time they drove over a speed bump they would pull their car over, turn off the engine, and let the car sit there for 2-3 days before getting back in to continue driving onto their destination - but without a map to the destination.

The connection and rapport you build with a girl PRIOR to getting her number is like getting the map you need to know how to get to your destination and with that perspective you can understand that getting her number is not the goal, it is just a necessary speed-bump to pass over.

The real goal is having a map to the destination AND a welcome invitation to travel there :)

If all you have is a number and nothing else, then you’re just going to be driving to a destination for which you have no map and no invitation!

Replace the words “phone number” in your vocabulary with “speed bump” and this will sink in even more. Imagine going back to your buddies after talking to a girl and saying “I got a speed bump. No map, but I got a speed bump dude!”

I want you to really think about this. Really reinforce in your beliefs what it is you are truly interested in as THE GOAL and this will help direct you to more productive outcomes with women.

Don’t drive around aimless!

Jay Valens

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