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The Art of the Pickup : Approaching: Embracing the Nothingness

"Approaching: Embracing the Nothingness" / November 2nd, 2006

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Approaching: Embracing the Nothingness
by Julian of The Art of the Pickup
November 2nd, 2006

We have a special treat for you today. Our creative co-producer of "The Art of the Pickup»" DVDs, Julian, wrote up some advice for approaching women. Enjoy!


I want to start this by asking you a question.
Which of your five senses is your best learning tool?
Touch, hearing, smell, taste or sight?

Before you answer, let’s define what “type” of learning I mean because there are two types.

1. Learning information that is inside your head (most knowledge).
2. Learning how to do something (e.g. a martial art).

So tailoring the question now to learning how to attract women, which of your five senses is your best learning tool?

Answer: Sight.
To actually learn how to do something we need sight.

Sure, you can learn about 90% of things you know from hearing or reading text. (I'm not going to categorize text as sight for obvious reasons.) But these are abstract subjects.

You can learn abstract information very easily through just your ears alone. And you know what? You can even learn how to pickup women through audio or reading too.

But guess what? Pickup is not about knowing abstract information inside your head. It’s about seeing it happen and learning by way of imitation.

I'll give you an analogy.

If you wanted to learn a martial art, would you go out and buy a book on how to do it, or an audiocassette? No, you would have to see it done with your own eyes and learn by way of imitation. Leaning pickup is EXACTLY THE SAME.

Now, this is why 'The Art of the Pickup»' DVDs are so important.

This is why I left traditional filmmaking and surrounded myself with the right knowledge and produced “The Art of the Pickup»DVD series. “The Art of the Pickup»DVDs are really the ultimate combination of abstract information and imitation learning.

So, learn how to interact with women properly, learn by imitation.

Ok, now I'll give you some great abstract information :) We are going to see how Eastern philosophy can help you with women, so bear with me on this.


What the hell does embrace the nothingness mean?

Well, if you were a Buddhist or familiar with eastern philosophy you would have some idea. But today, I want to share with you some very powerful information that turns this idea into a super powered confidence hit that can be as powerful as taking illegal substances.

When I was in my early days of studying all the material out there, I came across a lot of information on how to approach women. There are countless methods out there, and most of them teach pretty good stuff. But what they all miss is how to actually just go out and do it!

But when it came time to actually walk over there and talk to a woman I kept stopping myself for some reason, as do most guys who learn this stuff.

You can have all the information inside your head on how to approach, how to open etc. But you'll still stop yourself because your old patterns of thinking are still much stronger than the new patterns of thinking that you have just read about.

This happens because you literally have thousands of neurological wires that connect your brain to think the way you have been programmed over the course of your life. So until you actually go out there and approach consistently and rewire your brain, you’re going to keep having the same old patterns that are controlling you every day.

So what to do?

I'm going to give you something that will enable you to start to rewire your old patterns EASILY.

First, picture for a moment you see a woman you want to approach. What do you do? Maybe you think that she is sexy and get the feeling of wanting to “embrace her”. Then, you'll think more, thinking of how she will respond if you approach her. Then, you will probably think that she doesn't want to be approached or some other excuse and decide finally you shouldn't approach her.

But really it was the dialog inside your own head that stopped you, not her or the actual external outside world. These are your neurological patterns that are controlling you.

Now, if you can first understand that IT'S ALL INSIDE YOUR HEAD, then you can then start to understand how to embrace the nothingness.

Imagine for a moment.

What would it be like having no intentions, having no desire, having no ego, having no real thoughts of how to take your next step? Then would you be able to approach any woman with ease? The answer is clearly “YES”!

So the question now is “how can we achieve that state”?

Simple, here's the answer: When you see that girl, walk straight up to her and open.


From the time of seeing the girl, walking up to her, starting the conversation - you must let go of everything and do it all for its own sake.

For its own sake, nothing more.

Ray Devans from “The Art of the Pickup»DVDs puts it this way: “It doesn’t matter what happens after your do the approach, only that you DO the approach”.

You must totally let go of your conscious and instead let your subconscious drive you.

By thinking of nothing but the moment, you will embrace the nothingness and thus you will be in the moment.

Embracing the nothingness is embracing the moment, because there is nothing else. Imagine that totally blank feeling of walking up, the nothingness.

Don't fall into the trap that because you have the future you can do it later or some other time. After all, you can’t see or hear the future can you? Then presumably it does not exist. As far as you’re concerned, it should not exist.

All you really have is the present. Once you realize that, you will realize that the only thing you really have in your life is each moment.

So I ask you: Are you going to make the most out of it?

If you let it pass you by, then in philosophical terms you are dying every moment.

Finally, I want you think about this for a while, internalize it and then reflect on it again. Go out there and embrace the nothingness.

And if you had a hard time following the philosophy, or are just ready to jump start your progress it’s all demonstrated for you in the “First Encounter” segments of “The Art of the Pickup»DVD set, so that you can SEE how its all done, and not just read text!

There’s nothing to it,


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