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The Art of the Pickup : Get Girls Like An H-Bombing Harvard Student

"Get Girls Like An H-Bombing Harvard Student" / June 7th, 2007

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Get Girls Like An H-Bombing Harvard Student
by Ray Devans of The Art of the Pickup
June 7th, 2007

It is no secret that rich and successful guys enjoy an advantage with women. If I could write some easy to follow advice that would make you rich and successful in a few weeks, I would do that, but I personally don’t know how to do that consistently.

If I did know though, that still wouldn’t be the best advice I could give you about having success with women, because money can be lost whereas skills are something you take with you. And luckily there are consistent ways to get better with women very quickly, like studying our “Art of the Pickup»DVDs.

However, it is still instructive to study some things that make people consistently successful. And where better to start looking for success than Harvard University.

Now, I happen to have some experience in this regard.

No, I didn’t go to Harvard University myself. But I did have a friend who did get his M.B.A. at Harvard, and I got to learn some things vicariously though him.

One thing I learned was that ironically a lot of these guys at Harvard were just like a lot of other guys in that they usually didn’t know any more than the average guy about getting women. Jay Valens and I once captivated about 10 of these Harvard M.B.A. students over a steak dinner by talking to them about our area of expertise with women. They were listening more intently than I bet they did for any of their business strategy sessions, it was a great time.

One thing the average Harvard guy did know though was a thing called “droping the H-Bomb”.

Now I don’t think that most of them did it correctly, since they probably made it too transparent. But put simply, “dropping the H-Bomb” is when you mention something in a conversation with a woman that lets her know you are going to Harvard. Get it, “H”-Bomb, “H”arvard, they both start with the letter “H”?

OK, sounds like an obvious thing to do if indeed you are going to Harvard. After all, that is a clear signal of intelligence and future success. You might be thinking, “But Ray, what am I going to do, lie to her and tell her I go to Harvard?”

No, of course not.

But you can learn an important lesson here, namely that everyone has some thing that sets them apart from others, things that are valuable about them. And what you need to learn how to do is to make that known to a woman you are interested in, but in a way that is not detectable as bragging.

Let’s look again at how the Harvard students should have gone about dropping their H-Bombs.

Wrong: “Yeah, it’s been a tough week of classes for me at Harvard…”

This doesn’t work because she knows the guy is more interested in telling her about the fact he goes to Harvard than that he had a tough week. It’s too contrived and transparent.

Here is a better example:

Harvard guy: “so what do you do, are you a student or do you work?”
Her: Tells him whatever she does. “How about you?”
Harvard guy: “I’m in business school; I have another year to go.”
Her: “oh really, where are you getting your M.B.A.?”
Harvard guy: “I go to Harvard. But enough about what we do, let’s talk about who we are…”

Notice that he just asks her a question that is naturally reciprocated, so it never looks like he was trying to brag. Also, when he answers her first question, he doesn’t immediately volunteer that he goes to Harvard. This leads of course to her asking where, and when finally does say “Harvard”, he doesn’t dwell on it, and moves into more intimate conversation. The fact that he moves on quickly from that answer also proves that he isn’t trying to brag. But still, the H-Bomb has been dropped which was his plan all along, and this way it explodes with full force!

So the key for you is to realize what your H-Bombs are and think of how to get women to ask you questions that make you tell them.

Are you an awesome guitar player? Or maybe a killer cook? Ask her what her hobbies are, she will ask you back at some point what your hobbies are, and you can bring up that you like to play guitar, or that you love cooking.

If you are a good storyteller, you can probably also weave your own H-Bombs into your stories, but you have to know what you are doing so that it won’t be seen as bragging. If you are just starting out, stick with asking her questions that she is likely to ask back to you.

OK, to summarize, first figure out what your own H-Bombs might be. If you don’t have any, you better get some! Then, think of questions to ask women in normal conversation that will get them to ask you the same question in return, and then drop your H-Bomb and quickly move on to a new topic. Also, as you get better, learn how to incorporate your H-Bombs indirectly into your own stories.

For more information on this concept (there is a lot more to know to do it right), and other nuclear powered techniques, check out “The Art of the Pickup»DVD set.

Exploding with ideas to improve your success,

Ray Devans

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