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The Art of the Pickup : Get In This Bed To Get Into Hers

"Get In This Bed To Get Into Hers" / September 27th, 2007

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Get In This Bed To Get Into Hers
by Ray Devans of The Art of the Pickup
September 27th, 2007

Right about now maybe you are thinking, “What kind of bed can I get into that will help me get into the bed of the girl I want?”

Maybe you might be imagining some cool new technology where you get into an oxygenated chamber over a bed with flashing lights and subliminal messages, and when you wake up you will be programmed to be like a Robocop master of pickup.

Or maybe something like one of those cool tantra chairs, that will inspire you to believe you are a sex god, and your resulting confidence will make women melt?

Is that what I am talking about?

Before I answer, let me ask you two questions.

How much motivation do you have right now to meet women? How much are you actively working to learn all you can to improve your success with women?

I am asking you these two questions because they are two of the greatest determinants of your present and future success with women. Simple enough.

But I also ask you because I have been thinking a bit recently about how short life really is.

I once heard a motivational technique that instructs you to “get on your deathbed”. The idea is to ask yourself “What would I do if I only had 1 month left to live?”

The timeframe could be longer or shorter, just long enough that you would be on fire wanting to wring the most out of life and not too short so that you would feel like giving up. Think of what that timeframe would be for you.

Would you try to work harder, learn more, and talk to as many women as you could? Would you really care what other people think of you if you talk to any woman at anytime?

I think the answer would be yes. It’s a simple exercise really, sort of what Einstein would have called a “gedanken”, or a thought experiment. But if you simply put yourself through this exercise, this idea of “getting on your deathbed”, you won’t need some kind of high tech affirmations bed like I described above. Which is good because, to my knowledge, such a thing doesn’t exist anyway. So that answers the question from above, this is not a real bed, just a thought exercise.

I realize it might sound a bit morbid to think this way, but don’t concentrate on the death aspect, just the aftermath of how you would want to live life to its fullest. If you think about it, it’s actually a kind of cliché that people who are actually about to die want to suddenly have sex. How many movies have been made with scenes where the guy is going off to war and talks his virgin girlfriend into finally having sex since he might never come back?

The fact is that our genes program us for this kind of thing anyway. They have given us two main, powerful instructions:

1) Stay alive!

2) Stay alive long enough to have sex and children!

So in this way of looking at it, it does make sense to “get on your deathbed” in order to “get into her bed”.

Just realize that each day here could be your last, try to live it to the maximum, not just with women, but with anything you do. I really don’t care how you get your motivation, maybe if you get it from exercise, or doing meditation, whatever. This is just one idea for getting that motivation.

If you still need help with the motivation or the learning about HOW to do better with women once you have the motivation to talk to them, our “Art of the Pickup»DVDs are another great resource that you should look into.

But even though it sounds a bit strange, if you haven’t thought of or tried the thought experiment of imagining you only have a little time left to live, just try it and focus on the motivation factor. The point is that today, right here and now, is the only guarantee you have, so make the most of it!

Helping you live life now,

Ray Devans

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