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The Art of the Pickup : Get Into Her GENES!

"Get Into Her GENES!" / March 8th, 2007

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Get Into Her GENES!
by Ray Devans of The Art of the Pickup
March 8th, 2007

Today I want to cover “fashion” in a sense LOL…

It is the goal of almost every red blooded man on this planet to get into the jeans of the sexiest women he can. But what few of them realize is that you have to actually first get into their GENES! What do I mean by this? I mean that you have to understand some facts that science has uncovered that will help you with your quest. Evolutionary psychology and genetics have uncovered many facts which are essential to understanding women.

Luckily for you, I have read more than my fair share of books on the subject, so in this and future newsletters under this title, I am going to give you just a few snippets of the knowledge I have gained.

Today we will be discussing how women generally chose mates based on economic resources or their *potential* to gain resources in the future, and how this preference varies by country around the world.

Most of what we will discuss today comes from the excellent book “The Evolution of Desire” by David M. Buss, which I highly recommend that you read. All of the quoted passages in this newsletter come from this book.

It is fairly common knowledge that women tend to prefer “rich” guys over poor “guys”, good looking guys over not so good looking guys. This problem is one of the reasons that we created “The Art of the Pickup»DVDs, because we wanted to help guys who don’t have either of these things. But we don’t deny the general truth of these facts; instead we try to understand why they are facts so that we can get around them.

The book “The Evolution of Desire” cites a study of 10, 047 women from countries around the world: “Overall, women value financial resources about 100 percent more than men do, or roughly twice as much. There are some cultural variations. Women from Nigeria, Zambia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Taiwan, Colombia, and Venezuela value good financial prospects a bit more than women from South Africa (Zulus), and the Netherlands, and Finland. In Japan, for example, women value good financial prospects roughly 150% more than men do, whereas women from the Netherlands deem financial prospects only 36% more important than their male counterparts do, or less than women from any other country.”

Since we have readers from around the world, it’s helpful to realize that if you live in a country where women don’t need to rely on men so much, you might have an easier time of attracting women if you don’t have much money. Countries like the Netherlands, Finland, and Sweden have great welfare and social programs and so women don’t care so much about money. If you are in a country like Japan or Hong Kong then, using this bit of fact you could consider moving to the Netherlands!

But moving takes a lot of effort and money, which if you had enough of you wouldn’t need to move in the first place, so what might be a better solution?

The good news is that women often can’t know for sure just by looking externally what your financial resources are. (For example, a woman looking at Warren Buffett driving his own average car with no chauffeur would never know he was the second richest man in the world.) So they try to judge this through the way you act, the way you carry yourself, etc.

“But women needed cues to signal a man’s possession of those resources. These cues might be indirect, such as personality characteristics that signaled a man’s upward mobility. They might be physical, such a as man’s athletic ability or health. They might include reputational information, such as the esteem in which a man was held by his peers.”

These things are more directly in your control. You can adapt personality characteristics that are attractive to women, such as confidence and dominance and persistence. You can exercise and eat well to keep in good health. You can improve your reputation and learn how to stand out in groups of people through how you speak and carry yourself.

The news gets even better when you consider the following:

“A long history of evolution by selection has fashioned the way in which women look at men as success objects. But the possession of resources is not enough. Women also need men who possess traits that are likely to lead to the sustained acquisition of resources over time.”

What this means really is that if you have the show the kind of traits that women are looking for, you could actually be better off than a man who is rich already but doesn’t display these traits. If this is hard to understand, here is an example:

Let’s say you are a struggling writer who has no money and is in debt, but you show intense drive and passion and belief in your own future success, you can still be much more attractive to a woman than a guy who was born into money but is burning through it quickly and has no passion or drive or evident ability to make more money in the future.

“And women who value the personality characteristics likely to lead to status and sustained resource acquisition are far better off than women who ignore these vital characterological cues.”
What this says is that women who learned to look not just at the appearance of resources, but rather the traits necessary to get resources, were better off evolutionally speaking. That means that most women alive today value these traits themselves more than the mere appearance of having money and resources.

In summary, women do indeed look for men with resources and judge that roughly twice as important as men do when looking for a mate. But this varies greatly around the world, and since resources can be faked or hidden, women evolved to look for personality and behavior signs that a man has resources, or will be able to get them in the future.

So the takeaway is that you have a few choices, you can either move to the Netherlands, or get really rich, or instead you can learn how to show the traits women are looking for in your actions and conversation and behavior. Some of these were covered above, like keeping healthy, showing passion and drive, dominance, etc.

But there are even more things to be aware of, and we have woven all the necessary traits into the scenes shown in “The Art of the Pickup»DVDs. So if you want the fastest way to start behaving in ways that are attractive to women, save yourself the money of moving to the Netherlands and get yourself a copy.

Signing off from the genetics lab…

Professor Ray Devans

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