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The Art of the Pickup : Get Into Her GENES – Pass Her Tests

"Get Into Her GENES – Pass Her Tests" / April 26th, 2007

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Get Into Her GENES – Pass Her Tests
by Ray Devans of The Art of the Pickup
April 26th, 2007

Welcome to another installment of “Get Into Her Genes!”

It is the goal of almost every red blooded man on this planet to get into the jeans of the sexiest women he can. But what few of them realize is that you have to actually first get into their GENES! What do I mean by this? I mean that you have to understand some facts that science has uncovered that will help you with your quest. Evolutionary psychology and genetics have uncovered many facts which are essential to understanding women.

Luckily for you, I have read more than my fair share of books on the subject, so in this and future newsletters under this title, I am going to give you just a few snippets of the knowledge I have gained.

Have you ever started talking to a good looking woman and had her say something to you that just made you think “what the hell is wrong with her?” You think, how the hell can such a beautiful woman be such a bitch?

The thing you have to understand when this happens is that it is totally natural for her to do this. It is the consequence of forces below the surface that the average man is never aware of.

But as they say, knowledge is power, and if you can understand why something happens, you can have a great advantage.

So in this newsletter I am going to spell it out for you, and explain why you have to roll with the punches when women act like this.

First we need to backup and realize something about the way things are for women from a reproductive standpoint vs. men. For women, to have a child is a huge risk and huge investment. She has to spend 9 months being pregnant, eat for two during that time, literally risk death during that time, and spend many more years at least to raise the child.

For a man though, it is entirely possible to spend only 5 minutes of his time to have a child and never have to worry about it again. Mission accomplished, time for the next 5 minutes of fun!

OK, in the modern age we know all of this seldom really happens. Women are less likely to die in childbirth, and if they have 5 minutes of indiscretion, they can take a pill and not have to have the child.

But in much the same way as our bodies still store fat to keep us warm and nourished during the winter even though our warm coats, electric heaters, and ample food availability mean there is no need to store fat, a woman’s deeper mind still looks at anything remotely likely to lead to pregnancy as a REALLY BIG DEAL.

Like so big, that if you roll up and just say “Hi, how’s it going?” there will be some part of her that realizes that part of your intent that is saying “man I want to sleep with her”. That same part of her is going to respond by saying in essence “OK, lets see what he is made of. Is he worth the risk? How does he deal with challenges? Is he the type that would stay around to take care of the baby?”

Again, this isn’t literally what happens, but it’s the gist of it.

So women are literally programmed to test men. The finer these women are, the more they will naturally perceive that you have underlying motives, and the more likely they are to test you.

But don’t take my word for it.

Here is a quote from the book “Sperm Wars” by Robin Baker.

“In order to collect information about a man, a woman in effect needs to set him a series of tests. Depending on how many tests he passes compared with other available candidates, she will then either accept or reject him. She needs to set tests that are challenging but not impossible. They are of no value to her if they are too easy, or if they are so difficult that no man can pass them. A woman’s body and behavior have been shaped to present such a test. And as often as not, the male quality being tested is his ability to learn how to use her body and cope with her behavior.”

The passage says that women set tests that are challenging but not impossible. And for any woman that is not gay, at some level that is true, they will never set impossible tests. But for the average guy gives up way too easy when his “Hi, how is it going?” is met with:

“Look, you are just not my type.”
In the case where you get tests from her, you can never show that they get to you. You are better off ignoring them entirely and smiling and keep talking to her. But deflecting them with humor is a great way, too.

Another thing I like to do is simply smile at her in a way that says “I understand you are just trying to test me, its cute, but I am unimpressed” and then just not answer her test, and go on with whatever I want to say.

No matter how you pass her first tests, you also have to realize that even if you get past the first test that she gives you, the tests won’t end. You can even get to where you are already sleeping with a woman, and the tests will keep coming! You have to constantly prove that you know “how to use her body and cope with her behavior.”

We deal with more ways to deal with common test situations in “The Art of the Pickup»DVDs.

But if you haven’t got your copy yet (what are you waiting for?), simply realizing that women test you and why will help you to be more successful in your interactions with women.

The key is not to get upset by it, maintain your composure at all times regardless of what she says, and realize that each test you pass is a step closer to achieving your goal.

Signing off from the genetics lab…

Ray Devans

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