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The Art of the Pickup : Hand Her A Straw

"Hand Her A Straw" / June 28th, 2007

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Hand Her A Straw
by Jay Valens of The Art of the Pickup
June 28th, 2007

Hi, it’s Jay again, back with another nugget of advice for you.

I’m going to have you “draw straws” today :)

We get a lot questions along the lines of how to deal with specific girls but not enough questions about how to meet NEW girls in every day situations. I also don’t give enough “missions” for you to go on, so get ready for this one…

Did you know that meeting girls in everyday situations will SOLVE your issues with that one specific girl? That’s because when you have a lot of options with a lot of new girls, your particular interest in one girl will become such a minor thing that it will actually increase your chance to get her.

So I resolve today to give you an example of an everyday scenario and how you can change it from a situation where you think “That’s a cute girl, but I don’t know how to talk to her, I give up and won’t do anything” and turn it into “I have a plan of how to talk to her” and actually do so.

I’m sure the vast majority of guys reading our newsletters live near or visit a mall often. Most malls have a food court and, again, I’m sure a lot of you have stopped by to grab a bite to eat from such a place. Usually in the middle of the day there are lots of attractive women by themselves who are taking a break from work, school, or doing shopping, and will be in line ahead or after you or hovering somewhere in the area to order food.

Most of the time, people buying food in these places will get a drink and invariable need to also get extra stuff like napkins and a STRAW for their drink.

So all you do is get your food as you normally would and mill around the condiments (where the napkins and straws are) just long enough for the object of your interest who’d also been getting her food to be on her way to get a straw.

Pull out an extra one for her and hand it to her with a subtle smile. She’ll of course pleasantly say “thank you” and you can follow-up with some humor by looking at her and ask her what she bought. Whatever she says, just say with an obvious edge of humor “You know that –(whatever she said)-- is bad for your health?” Obviously, this is flirting and she will engage you to either agree or claim it’s actually healthy, or point out that you have the same thing, all of which allows you the chance to flirt back.

If she doesn’t say thank you initially, it doesn’t mean this kind of initial contact is not good, it just means that particular girl is just a waste of time. There will be plenty of others to meet on other days.

Anyway, for the ones who respond well, and flirt back, you KNOW they are going to eat alone and you can just say “Hey, I was going to eat alone but… you can join me.” The only possible responses you will get are: a polite “no thanks” (probably because she was taking her food to go) or “yes”. The “yes” will get you an instant date right then & there, after which you can get her # to meet up with her for a real date at a later time!

Will this work every time? No. Will it work better than doing nothing? Yes. I wouldn’t share this with you unless I didn’t know it would work at least a often enough to become a positive experience for you.

Give it a try. Mail us back at [email protected] with your experience!

There are endless examples of these kinds of everyday situations. I wanted to show that there’s an angle for just one of them and you don’t have to think your only option is to either be direct, use an “opener” or “line”, or not do anything. Sometimes it’s a matter of just being creative and charming and that can be had with a little bit of thinking.

If you run into a scenario that happens to you often in everyday situations, like at the laundromat, in a supermarket, at the gym, bank, shopping for gadgets, and feel like you’ve given op an opportunity, then just take some time later to think about that missed opportunity and consider a creative way you COULD HAVE handled it.

Then the next time you run into that same scenario, you will have a plan to try out. If it doesn’t work out, come up with another plant. Nothing elaborate, but just to help yourself be prepared so you actually do something and open your mouth rather than walk away and wish you had done something.

Oh, and just in case you don’t think I’ve got an angle for everything, one of the times I offered a straw to a girl in this way she said “I don’t need a straw”, so replied “Are you trying to tell me you don’t suck?” She laughed at how well I handled the challenge and agreed to sit with me when I offered.

Jay Valens

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