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The Art of the Pickup : How to Pickup Efficiently

"How to Pickup Efficiently" / August 28th, 2006

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How to Pickup Efficiently
by Ray Devans of The Art of the Pickup
August 28th, 2006

Let me ask you, do you have enough time to meet women?

I ask this because for years, I found it a constant struggle to make enough time to go out and meet women in clubs and bars while still working over 60 hours a week. And unless your Aunt Hilda left you a fat inheritance, maybe you also find that studying or working for a living gets in the way of you living the pimp lifestyle.

What is a potential student of the Pickup Arts to do?

If you are in school and studying all the time, it’s important to keep that up so you can get a good job and support yourself. And if you already have that good job, you probably want to keep it.

The answer is to be efficient in how you use your time to meet women. And today I will discuss a few ideas for doing just that.

My first piece of advice is to take advantage of the times where you are feeling your best.

For most of us, there just happen to be days when we are really feeling great, maybe because of our favorite team winning, or we got a raise at work, etc.

Now ideally you want to learn how to be in control of your own emotions and frames so that you feel this way regardless of outside factors, but we will talk about that more another time.

For now, if you are a busy person, then what you need to concentrate on is taking advantage of these times when you naturally feel on top of the world, and use those to go out and meet women.

The reason should be fairly obvious, but it is worth saying that I think ENERGY is one of the most important aspects of success with women. And when you are feeling great, your energy is at a peak and it is just right for meeting women and making them interested in you.

The idea here is not to only go out when you feel great like this, but rather never to miss the opportunity to capitalize on it.

OK, you are asking what to do all the other times? Here is the other key to becoming efficient with pick up.

You need to meet women in everyday situations.

Sounds very simple, but it often amazes me how many guys only allow themselves to meet women at clubs and bars. It’s like there is some unwritten rule for them that makes them think that it isn’t acceptable to meet a woman while you are buying groceries or simply walking in the mall. Part of the reason is that we seldom see other people doing it in these same situations.

The reason is that they are afraid, and that they probably don’t know what to say. After reading the “Pickup Arts” newsletters and watching “The Art of the Pickup»DVDs you will know how to get around that kind of fear and you will also know what to say.

A third way to be efficient when you are very busy is simply to be able to seduce women fast, and to try for that fast seduction in general.

A lot of men think that they have to wait until after the third, fourth or fifth date in order to try for sex. But trying earlier doesn’t mean it can’t happen sooner. And an interesting realization that you should have is that women won’t hold it against you for being a man, so don’t be afraid to move a bit faster than you might have before.

Again, the information you learn in these newsletters and in “The Art of the Pickup»DVD will help you be more successful when you do.

A final issue in becoming efficient with picking up women has almost nothing to do with women directly, but can be very important.

Simply stated, guys tend to spend too much time doing things that have nothing to do with improving their skills with women.

Yeah, its great to watch Sports Center, or play video games, but it actually reduces your overall success and efficiency with women. So you need to cut down on things like that and replace them with applying what you are learning.

So the three quick takeaways are: make sure you always take advantage of the times where you are feeling your best to go out and meet women, meet women in during your everyday activities that you have to do anyway like shopping, don’t be afraid to move things faster with women you have met, and finally cut out time wasting activities that don’t contribute to you getting success with women.

Your time-saver,

Ray Devans

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