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The Art of the Pickup : Learning to Spot Available, Beautiful Women

"Learning to Spot Available, Beautiful Women" / December 4th, 2006

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Learning to Spot Available, Beautiful Women
by Ray Devans of The Art of the Pickup
December 4th, 2006

Today I will be answering a question that wasn’t posed to me by a reader, but rather one that I had to ask myself recently.

The question I asked myself is “Why can I seem to spot single beautiful women in crowds much better than most of my male friends?”

I first had this ability pointed out to me when living in Japan. A friend of mine was visiting from the US, and I took him to the Hachiko exit of the Shibuya train station. The intersection near there is maybe the most crowded intersection on the planet, and there are tons of fine, slim Japanese women walking around everywhere.

Or at least I managed to see fine women everywhere to talk to, but my friend just couldn’t seem to find them himself at nearly the rate I was. I was teaching him how to meet women in Japan, but at first we were playing a version of the game “Bug” where you have to point out all the Volkswagen “Bug” cars that you see. Anyway, I was actually getting a bit exasperated with him that he couldn’t keep up!

Now at the time we were doing this and he could barely find any, I didn’t think that I had any special ability, I just thought my friend had poor eyesight, or wasn’t used to the hustle and bustle like I was.

Years later I met a friend in Boston who also mentioned to me how uncanny it was that I could spot beautiful women so easily in the malls or on the street. Again, when comparing notes with Jay Valens, it seemed to me that the problem had to be with our friend, as both of us could spot these women about equally.

But I had lunch with another aspiring ladies man this weekend, and he said the same thing to me. I actually had felt bad because we would be talking and I would totally lose the train of our conversation to point out a woman who was just my type. We only had met up for about an hour, and I probably spotted about 10 such women.

So all this got me to thinking. Am I really different, and if so why, and how can others gain this ability?

What I realized is that, to some extent, I probably do have a better “radar” as I like to call it than most men. I realized that compared to my friend, I really did have an unfair advantage.

However, I don’t think it is some natural ability that is part of my genetic makeup. In fact, as far as eyesight goes, I have poor eyesight and an astigmatism that soft contact lenses don’t correct, so I have poor vision compared to most people. However, I think that over the years of going out and searching actively for beautiful women, and especially those who are alone in a crowd, that I have just come to be very good at it, it is like I have automatic pattern and movement and sound recognition for them.

But it goes a bit beyond just spotting good-looking women; I also can tell very quickly what my odds of success are just by looking at them. The pace of their walking relative to the many women I have approached in the past tells me how much of a hurry they are in, what they are likely to be doing that day. The type of clothes they are wearing, their posture, the expression on their faces… all these things form an instant image in my head about their personality and mission that day. Putting it all together, I can usually figure out if they are available, or at least available to me.

This ability came in part from studying body language», and through watching women through many interactions I have seen both on video and in real life. It is kind of like how a survivalist reads a book on what kind of berries are edible in the forest, then studies pictures of them, maybe even watches some survival videos of where to find them. Then he goes out in the woods and starts looking for them himself.

Maybe the first day he doesn’t find any. But eventually his efforts pay off and he finds them and tastes the sweet taste of success. This fuels him on to look for more, to study harder and learn about other kinds of berries. Soon his mind is attuned to finding berries and everywhere he goes in the forest he can find them where the untrained eye of others cannot.

This analogy is useful also because I really feel that in my case it is the fact that I have had so many positive experiences from spotting a single woman in a crowd and then meeting her. My successes have reinforced themselves.

I do follow the maxim that “what one man can do another can, too.” And in this case I know that my friends could learn over time to enjoy the advantage I have with spotting beautiful women and knowing how to have success with them. And you reading this right now can do the same.

Having this type of ability is what some refer to as having “opportunity eyes”. Not only do you see the opportunity more readily, you think of it as an opportunity because you have had successes in the past.

A first step is to gaining this ability is to simply go out and start looking more actively for they type of women you like. The next step is to study body language» and what it means. Great visual examples are contained in the footage on our “The Art of the Pickup»DVDs, so as usual I point you there.

And everything you need to know to be more successful when actually approaching such women (another vital part of the process, you have to really approach them) is also covered on the “Art of the Pickup»DVDs. Our DVDs will help you get the real life success that will then give you the same kind of positive reinforcement that will help you to want to go out and look for even more women!

As I say all the time, it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen, so get the DVDs, get out of your house, and get the process started! The more you practice, and the better information and knowledge you have under your belt when you do that practice, the faster you will get better.

I’ve got my eye on you, but the opportunity is yours alone…

Ray Devans

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