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The Art of the Pickup : Like a Baby Slapping Your Face

"Like a Baby Slapping Your Face" / October 5th, 2006

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Like a Baby Slapping Your Face
by Jay Valens of The Art of the Pickup
October 5th, 2006

I want to talk about my father.

OK, not specifically about my father but something he told me once.

My dad… he’s not exactly Hugh Hefner, but in his heyday was popular with the ladies. When I was younger I never seemed to seek him out for advice about the ladies but as I grew older and especially when getting immersed in all this pickup hoopla I realized he might have a few things to say.

I was talking to him a while back and he gave me a funny but very meaningful and useful analogy.

He was talking about how a lot of times women are able to say things to men that literally cut them down.

There can be men out there who put their lives in danger voluntarily every day but when confronted with a women who challenges them verbally, with a testy insult, or knock on their manhood, they get cut down as if having their guts ripped out by a bear.

What he said, though, was these men allowed themselves to be cut down by those words because, to them, that was how they saw things, that is the power they GAVE to women.

Such men put so much of their self esteem of their manhood based into arbitrary things women might say and have those things affect them as if a bear really had torn out their guts. In reality, he said, “It’s like a baby slapping your face.”

He asked, “You’ve held a baby before, right?”

Of course, all of us have at one point or another.

He went on, “Well, you’ll be holding a baby, and it will sometimes involuntarily whap your face like most babies do…”

“Does it hurt?”

Of course it doesn’t hurt.

He continued, “It’s actually pretty cute and funny, right? This little tiny hand no heavier than an ounce involuntarily whapping your face, it doesn’t even know it’s doing it or what it means. It’s laughable. You don’t feel the slightest bit hurt and you realize it’s just a cute little baby with this tiny hand not knowing what it’s doing.”

“That’s what it’s like when a woman gives you the worst insult imaginable. That’s as bad as it will ever get.”

“Like a baby slapping your face.”

And, he was absolutely 100% right.

So guys, the next time you’re out there and confronted with a woman who is challenging you verbally or even spews something negative at you involuntarily, just realize this:

It’s like a baby slapping your face.

Your daddy daycare,

Jay Valens

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