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The Art of the Pickup : Lust Makes the World Go Round

"Lust Makes the World Go Round" / January 25th, 2007

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Lust Makes the World Go Round
by Jay Valens of The Art of the Pickup
January 25th, 2007

You’ve heard the phrase “love makes the world go round.”

There’s another – “money makes the world go round.”

I’m not knocking either, they are both great things.

Love. Money. Mmmm.

But what really spins the globe is LUST.

Lust is a form of desire but not a common desire learned from the environment. It is innate, it is primal. All people have an innate LUST to live and LUST to procreate (have kids!) and it sometimes happens to people is if they lose the possibility to procreate they will lose the lust to live.

It is the ultimate purpose of life – to reproduce itself. From the smallest microscopic creatures to the largest animals walking the Earth. Short of total annihilation through worldwide mass destruction, life will always find a way, in one form or another, to reproduce.

In humans, reproduction is the result of copulation (sex!) and copulation initiates from lust. Yes, there is also love, but love is not necessary for sex. Lust is a necessary component. I can’t stress this enough - think for a moment how necessary a component love really is. It is not necessary. Nice, but not necessary.

Without accepting lust as a necessary component of sex, you are denying the very fabric of what makes life work. We are chemical engines and those engines are geared to reproduce. The fuel for our engines is lust.

When I speak of lust, I do not mean perversion or any distortion of normalcy. I am speaking of attraction, desire, rooted in biology. The mental part of the equation of sex.

So how does this help you with women? You can use this undeniable logic to know that women are just as much driven by lust as men. Both sexes have an equal drive to reproduce and both sexes require lust as the fuel.

I am telling you something that messages all around you try to tell you otherwise – love does not start the engine, lust does. Love can take over later, but the initial spark is lust.

With that understanding, you can begin to let go of your existing understanding of how to initially get a woman interested. Sure, it does not hurt to be good-looking, rich, famous, etc. But that’s like looking at a piece of paper with items to check off – neither men nor women’s lust are driven in that way. It is the face-to-face interaction, the verbal and non-verbal communication, the touch, the senses, the body language», the sexual cues.

All those things are under your control. You control how much lust from women you can generate. If you are shaking your head now and thinking “But, Jay, I haven’t stirred the kind of lust I want in women… how do I do it?”

You can do it by focusing your understanding about how female-male attraction works towards the PRACTICAL side of things rather than just accept what you’ve been told so far.

You can do it by literally wiping the slate clean and starting from that blank slate of understanding. Would you fill your understanding by blindly accepting the messages fed to you through magazines, newspapers, or television? Having the choice, of course you would not. You are looking for information with EMPIRICAL evidence, what you can see with your own eyes as being real in the world around you.

Part of that is these newsletters, and of course our DVDs, but just as important is to allow yourself to remove the constraints of past thinking. In order to see different results, you MUST change your understandings and replace those understandings with information you know to be true, not because someone told you, but because you could verify for yourself. You must also let go of passive acceptance, and start being more active in your pursuit of true knowledge, of reality.

We are here to give you the “how to do it” advice, and do so every week and in our DVDs, but it is up to you to actually confirm the knowledge we share. When you can confirm it, you can believe it, and start replacing unproductive thinking and behavior with something better.

I have introduced a concept to you today which might knock away some of your previous thinking. That’s part of the process. Without challenging your current believes or the messages around you, you will just be accepting your fate as others have designed, and that is most definitely not a part of your plans for success.

I want you to LUST after this pursuit of knowledge and understanding about female-male attraction, to not let anything get in your way to absorb what we have to share.

Now go get that knowledge and make the world go round…

Jay Valens

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