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The Art of the Pickup : Seduce Her Like James Bond

"Seduce Her Like James Bond" / April 22nd, 2007

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Seduce Her Like James Bond
by Ray Devans of The Art of the Pickup
April 22nd, 2007

Have you ever wished you were someone else, maybe living the lifestyle of someone rich and famous?

Unless you are rich and famous already, the answer is probably yes. It’s common for people, both men and women, to daydream that they are someone else.

Well, I am willing to bet that so far this daydreaming has probably never helped you get anywhere with women (at least not real women).

Today we will talk about how to change that.

Lets say you are talking to a woman you have just met. After you are somewhat comfortable talking to her and there is a good vibe going, you can just out of the blue get her to role play with you.

It is like daydreaming, but out loud and with another person.

Usually you want to make it humorous. Anything too serious will seem strange. Also, throwing in sexual hints with a humorous theme is much more acceptable than something with a serious theme.

So for example, you don’t want to tell her:

“OK, I am Bill Clinton, and you are Hillary Clinton, and we are arguing about my affair with Monica Lewinsky.” Well, done right even that could be made funny. But here might be something better:

“If you were a James Bond girl, which one would you be, and why?”

If she doesn’t remember which one, you could say,

“Well, you look like you might be a Xenia Onatopp, but probably not a Dr. Holly Goodhead…” or just give her one of the names you remember.

Then just make up any cool sounding adventure with wacky stuff in it. If you can pull off a decent British accent, start using it and telling her what is going to happen.

“We are going to have tea with the Queen and get our secret orders. M has informed me that Kim Jong Il is planning to invade Graceland, and we must protect the world’s supply of Elvis memorabilia from this evil lunatic.”

Her: “Blah blah Kim Jong Il blah blah Elvis”

You: “Yes, and don’t get too excited, but we must pose as a couple for this. But I don’t want you to try to take advantage of me Mrs. Octopussy, it’s just our cover.”

Her: “Blah blah I’m not Octopussy, I’m Plenty O’Toole”

You: “Whatever you say Honey Ryder. Just be sure not to blow my cover! The fate of the civilized world depends on you.”

Hopefully you can see how this kind of thing can be fun and exciting. You can tease her by always changing her Bond Girl name. You can tell her to stop being so forward with you, that sex isn’t allowed until after the world has been saved. The possibilities are endless.

And they are even more endless for role play in general. You can tell her that you are a Priest and she is a naughty nun who has to confess. Or that you are a male escort and that your time with her is on the clock. You can say that you and her are going to go get married in Vegas at a drive through wedding chapel then bet all your money on red at the roulette tables.

And it doesn’t have to be role play with sexual connotations. If she is not behaving or giving you grief you can tease her and tell her she is like your bratty little sister. Or you can tell her you are divorcing her and taking all her money.

The key is that her interactions with you are not like those with most other guys that include boring discussions about work and all the other daily mundane stuff most people discuss. With you she can feel she can be anyone, literally.

Role playing is just one of the many tools we teach on “The Art of the Pickup»DVDs. To see how it can be used in the middle of an instant date with a girl you have just met, get yourself a copy.

Licensed to kill,

Double O Devans,

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