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The Art of the Pickup : Some Ideas for Improving Physical Attractiveness

"Some Ideas for Improving Physical Attractiveness" / August 3rd, 2006

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Some Ideas for Improving Physical Attractiveness
by Ray Devans of The Art of the Pickup
August 3rd, 2006

A lot of what we focus on in this newsletter tends to be more psychological principles for improving your success with women. However, it’s important not to lose sight of the other side of attractiveness; the more commonly accepted societal aspects.

You can spend time looking online and in various magazines, but I wanted to just share with you interesting things that I personally have found useful and hopefully are a bit innovative or rare, things you might not have thought or heard of.

In no particular order:

Face and Skin
I happen to have really oily skin. My nose and surrounding skin have probably hundreds of blackheads. I tried all kinds of medications to get rid of them, but nothing ever really worked for that, it seems I have big pores and they just get clogged.

Like many people, I learned to pinch each blackhead out painstakingly one by one. I even bought little metal tools that did the job a little more precisely, but always my skin got really splotchy red, and it took forever.

However, I recently found a cool product made by Panasonic that basically allows you to literally suck your blackheads out using a small vacuum. You can even use it in the shower, which is ideal because it works better when your skin is wet with hot water and your pores are open.

I suppose there are all kinds of miracle creams out there you could apply to your skin, but somehow I never got “metrosexual” enough to use Oil of Olay. However, when my physical trainer suggested putting coconut oil on my face at night, I figured if a guy who can dead lift 800 pounds can use it, so can I.

It does seem to give me a more youthful appearance and better skin tone after about a week of putting it on before going to bed.

Another thing you can try is the various face exercise products available, books like “Facercise”, or videos by Judith Olivia.

I liked the videos better than the books, because you can see exactly how to do the exercises. Once you pass 30 years old and wrinkles start to form, doing face exercises does seem to help.

I have lifted weights for over 10 years. Sometimes I went to the gym 6 times a week, and in those days I felt exhausted and never had time to meet women, ironically.

These days I have settled on a system of heavy weight lifting that allows me to work out once or twice a week and keep an above average physique. The method is called HIT or High Intensity Training, and was started by a guy named Mike Mentzer.

You can try all kinds of supplements for weightlifting, popular and seemingly effective ones are creatine and GAKIC, both of which I use. They are expensive though, and if you are on a diet, simple odorless garlic pills can have interesting effects.

Scientific studies indicate that garlic can increase testosterone levels, and if nothing else my experience is that it makes you hornier, gives you more morning erections, and adds a bit of aggressiveness in the gym.

When I want to lose fat and cut up my abs, I have found nothing better than a book called “AbSolution” by Shawn Philips. I followed his stuff to the letter, and actually was able to lose too much weight; I looked like a skeleton with muscles!

Another area of exercise that helps with making the waist smaller is doing Pilates. Pilates does burn fat through exercise, but it also develops the internal muscles that actually pull inwards on the waist and stomach area, making it smaller as a result.

It goes without saying your breath should always be fresh. Everybody knows about gum and breath mints, but these can be bulky. Having a pack of breath strips is my habit, very easy to discretely pop one in your mouth to get instant fresh breath.

Along the lines of smell, choosing good cologne is smart.

You should get female opinions on what is most popular and what smells best on your skin (as your body chemistry can influence the smell of cologne).

Whatever cologne you chose, the key is not to wear too much. My solution is to find a small roll on applicator bottle (you can buy massage oils and such at places like Bath and Body in these types of bottles) and fill them with my favorite cologne. Then I can carry it with me and add a little scent here and there, never smelling too strong, and never having the scent wear off entirely.

For the most part, women tend to like taller guys. You can’t change your height short of some radical surgical techniques. But if women can wear pushup bras, you can augment your height in the same way.

There are things such as platform shoes and dedicated lifts, but if discovered these have a negative effect. My solution is just to use a few odor eaters in my shoes to add height.

There are also shoe inserts that have memory foam in them so they make your shoe more comfortable while adding height. The combination of all these can add up to an inch to your height, and serve a real purpose at the same time of keeping your feet comfortable and smelling clean.

These are just a few ideas that I have tried and had positive results for me personally. A few of them are also shown in “The Art of the Pickup»DVDs.

That ends this edition of the “Pickup Arts” Newsletter. The takeaway is: you can always find new ways to improve your physical appearance and attractiveness.

Your body benefactor,

Ray Devans

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