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The Art of the Pickup : Special Edition: Will She Be Your Valentine? Tips for V Day.

"Special Edition: Will She Be Your Valentine? Tips for V Day." / February 11th, 2007

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Special Edition: Will She Be Your Valentine? Tips for V Day.
by Ray Devans of The Art of the Pickup
February 11th, 2007

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s day!

Well, if you live in the US it is. If you live in Brazil, Valentine’s Day doesn’t happen until the 12th of June. (But it is still worth reading this email today, guys from around the world will benefit from the gold nugget psychology.)

If you live in Japan, luck is on your side, women have to give YOU chocolates. If you live here in the US, women will expect you to give them chocolates.

But let’s face it, chocolates are the last thing on your mind, right? The astute student of “The Art of the Pickup»” knows that this is a time of opportunity to meet women!

Now the average guy doesn’t fully realize or capitalize on it, but women who aren’t in relationships around Valentine’s Day are a lot more receptive to meeting men then they would be otherwise. Many of them are actually on the hunt around Valentine’s Day.

It is interesting, because on Valentine’s Day in the US men feel the pressure to give women traditional gifts, but women feel pressure to be in a relationship where they can get those gifts! Where they can feel the “romance”.

These women don’t want to be the one single girl among all her friends and have to hear all their stories about what their boyfriends did for them on Valentine’s Day. These women will feel somewhat “inadequate” if they don’t have a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day.

Let’s call this all the V day effect. So today we are going to give you a few tips and ideas for what to do around Valentine’s Day to capitalize on the V day effect.

Text Messages and Calls – before and after V day is a good time to send text messages or to make a quick call to a girl, especially ones who you might have given up on months ago. You don’t have to mention V day, but just getting in contact alone lets you know if they are now interested because of the V day effect. You can also tease them by telling them things like “you are my third favorite Valentine”. This can lead to fun stuff like having her tell you what she will do to become your first favorite Valentine, etc. If you want to avoid the “potential boyfriend” frame and get more of the “Mr. Right Now” type frame, you can call her your “unofficial Valentine”, etc.

Eye Contact – this is an important area at any time of the year, but around V day you will notice more eye contact from women. Just be on the lookout for it and you will see what I mean. The key here is to know how to take advantage of it. For those of you who have “The Art of the Pickup»DVDs, be ready to follow the Immediate Action rule, and be ready to approach women who give you eye contact using what you learned on the DVDs.

Usually you don’t want to specifically talk about Valentine’s day itself as some girls may feel a lack of validation if they must admit to not having a special someone, but if she brings up the subject or you can feel the potential spark of a romantic mood or conversation, here’s a great tip:

History of Valentine’s Day – you can use this as an opener to talk to women, just look up the history of Valentine’s Day on the internet. Turns out it has an interesting history that almost nobody knows, and you can start a whole conversation this way. Or you can talk about Valentine’s Day around the world. “Did you know that in Japan, the women have to give the men the chocolate?”

Valentine’s Day Shopping – another consequence of the V day effect is that many women will find themselves window shopping around all of the Valentine’s Day displays that you see everywhere. Places like Bath & Body, the various chocolate stores, etc. are all great places where you can meet women who might be under the V day effect. Again, you need to apply the Immediate Action rule, and approach along the lines you see in the DVDs.

Random Spots – while the Valentines displays will bring out the V day effect the most, anywhere you go that you see women doing something that only single women usually do is a good place to approach women. One quick example that comes to mind is an art museum. These are always good places to go to find single women, but around Valentine’s Day they are even better. And it is also a great chance to try out the exact places and openers you see in the AOTP DVDs if you haven’t already.

After Valentine’s Day – all of this applies maybe even more to the day or two after V day. Women who were looking for a boyfriend or Mr. Right now but didn’t get him will feel even more anxious for awhile as long as there are still reminders of Valentine’s Day all around them. So you need to strike while the iron is still hot. V day falls on a Wednesday this year, so you still have until about Sunday to take advantage of it all. Thursday, Friday and Saturday can be good nights to go out to bars and clubs armed with what you’ve learned in this newsletter.

Finally, because there are ample opportunities for V day you may feel temptation to just focus on volume and just get a lot of phone numbers – but remember that the V day effect doesn’t carry from just getting phone numbers, focus on spending extended time with at least one of the girls you meet (if not more) on the day you meet her, as this amplifies the feeling of a romantic connection for her and increases your chance of something worthwhile with her soon after.

In general, just realize that Valentine’s Day, both before AND after is a great time to meet women. Especially if you can combine it with what you have learned from our other newsletters and our DVDs.

For those that haven’t bought the DVDs yet, save the money on giving chocolates and dinners that won’t go anywhere and instead consider making that your gift to yourself this Valentine’s Day. That way that next year you won’t have to worry at all about chocolates and expensive dinners, you will be wherever you want to be with women, dating many, or with just that special one.

We also want to hear back from you about your V day experiences and how you put all our advice to work!

Your 21st Century Saint Valentine,

Ray Devans

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