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The Art of the Pickup : The Myth of The Wireless Wall

"The Myth of The Wireless Wall" / July 15th, 2007

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The Myth of The Wireless Wall
by Jay Valens of The Art of the Pickup
July 15th, 2007

“Once upon a time…”

A lot of fairy tales start that way. There’s one fairy tale I want to blow apart for you, and that’s the belief a lot of guys hold that it’s not possible to approach a girl who’s got some electronic contraption connected to her ears, whether it’s her cell phone, iPod, or something else yet to be invented.

You’ve see it a lot, run into it often, you see a girl you would like to meet and talk to but she’s on the phone and it doesn’t seem like you’ll have an opportunity. It’s like a wall you feel is stopping you from opening her.

A lot of people around you might even perpetuate this myth – that it’s impolite or obnoxious to interrupt someone while they’re on the phone or “disturb” someone if they’re listening to music.

Screw that.

Imagine you’re on the train listening to YOUR iPod and see a girl that makes your heart beat a little faster. What if she wanted to talk to you but was afraid to because you had your iPod headphones on? Pretty silly, right?

Well what if you could look at it this way: Even IF a girl has headphones on or is talking on the phone and doesn’t want to be interrupted, she will most definitely WANT to be interrupted by a guy she could be interested in. How do you know that isn’t YOU? You won’t – unless you open her anyway.

Look, girls just don’t want to be talked to by guys they think are CREEPS. You’re not a creep, right? Certainly if you’ve gotten a mountain advice from us in these newsletters or have our DVDs, you will understand how to meet girls with a positive vibe.

OK, so how?

It’s not complex.

- If she’s listening to music, just tell her you’re curious what she’s listening to. If she response positively then that tells you she’s interested and you can continue. If she responds, er, “less than positively”, you can make whatever you want from it but you will undoubtedly survive the experience unscathed with the knowledge that you at least TRIED.

- If she’s listening to music, and you are too, you can open her by saying “I’ll let you listen to what’s playing on my iPod if you let me listen to what’s playing on your.” Again, if she responds positively, great, if not then who the hell cares.

- If she’s on her cell phone, just go up to her non-aggressively and signal her non-verbally (with your hand or just with your presence and an indication you want to talk to her). If she ignores you or isn’t responsive, WHO CARES, but if she responds at all you can pretty simply say “I don’t mean to interrupt your call, but I wanted to ask you something. I’m over there (point to where you’ll be), you can find me after you’re done with the call.” You do that and at least 1/2 the times girls finish with their call they WILL come over to you.

Just be prepared with something to talk about. Obviously. LOL.

Jay Valens

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