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The Art of the Pickup : The Red Pill of Beliefs

"The Red Pill of Beliefs" / September 1st, 2006

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The Red Pill of Beliefs
by Jay Valens of The Art of the Pickup
September 1st, 2006

It’s Jay here today and I’m going to give you a red pill.

I will bet with almost complete certainty that just about every man signed up to this newsletter has seen the movie “The Matrix”.

I am sure, in fact, you have already heard just about every analogy people could muster to connect the premise of the movie -- that of human beings unknowingly plugged into a vast computer system and living their lives so that they could be “batteries/slaves” for the AI (artificial intelligence) that humankind itself birthed. If you haven’t, well, welcome back to whatever planet you were living on recently.

Realize that the premise is a very plausible notion – we are all, in fact, currently plugged into a system of rules and influence and beliefs and most are not aware of it or how every moment of their experience is formed and controlled in ways they simply accept.

In OUR world, outside the fantasy of movies, we may not actually be connected to machinery and immersed in gooey sacks of fluids while living in virtual reality computer programs.

BUT … there IS a world around us that is mostly built on society, culture, social dynamics and, most importantly, each of us is living surrounded by (no, IMMERSED in) the beliefs of others.

Ultimately, the only thing fully 100% in your control is your own beliefs.

There is nothing else in the world you, or anyone, can truly control 100% other than your own beliefs and actions taken which are undoubtedly based on those beliefs.

If you are reading this newsletter than we can presume you’ve already been unplugged from the matrix and plug yourself back in at will knowing that you have more control to influence your surroundings than you previously thought. That control comes from your own beliefs.

Beliefs are what limit you or empower you.

-- Sometimes your beliefs are based on facts and help you, like protecting you from coming into physical harm.

-- Other beliefs are based on your experiences, influenced by your perceptions.

Your experiences are partly under your control, but your perception of those experiences is entirely under your control.

It is totally up to you how you decide to perceive any experience of yours and you either maintain a belief system that limits you or one that empowers you.

I bet there have been many times you have questioned the beliefs of others, but how often have you questioned your own beliefs?

Have you ever thought that maybe your own beliefs and perception of reality around you are the very things holding you back – rather than the external things you might regularly put blame on?

Consider for a moment a limiting belief you might have and I’ll show you how to break through it. For example, let’s say you’re an average working joe and believe that only famous or wealthy men date truly beautiful women.

Can you think of times you’ve seen such beautiful women with men who looked like average Joes? Of course you can, you’ve probably seen it many times, so you know that belief is somehow limiting and, therefore, unproductive.

Such a belief doesn’t empower you, it limits you. Turn it around by seeing the other side of it: “It is possible to date beautiful women WITHOUT being famous or rich.”

Now you might be thinking “OK, Jay, the glass is not half empty, it is half full. How does thinking differently improve my advantage?”

It’s very simple.

With the old belief, you would be giving yourself excuses not to try. With the new belief, you have a something which EMPOWERS you to try.

Being able to change your beliefs is like unplugging yourself from the “Matrix”.

Taking action on your new beliefs is like taking advantage of new laws of physics working to your advantage.

Knowing the path = refreshing your belief system.

Walking the path = taking action on your new beliefs.

Whenever you come across a situation that you PERCEIVE yourself as not being capable for, assess that belief and rationally step yourself through logic which will allow you to see the opposite possibility as being just as possible. Then replace that belief with your old one and… empower yourself by ACTING on the new belief.

Do this enough and your own experiences over time will reinforce your new belief system to the point you don’t even have to think about it anymore.

The Foundation section in “The Art of the Pickup»DVD set will help you understand and have new information about an enormous number of beliefs which might be limiting you right now.

I believe in you,

Jay Valens

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