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The Art of the Pickup : Troubleshooting: Getting Women Back to Your Place FAST

"Troubleshooting: Getting Women Back to Your Place FAST" / December 17th, 2007

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Troubleshooting: Getting Women Back to Your Place FAST
by Ray Devans of The Art of the Pickup
December 17th, 2007

Have you ever gotten a girl to agree to go with you back to your place, only somehow for whatever reason things go wrong and she never winds up going back with you? Or she does get back with you but seems different once she gets there and it seems impossible for you to get things sexual no matter what you do?

A number of readers have been using the material on our “The Art of the Pickup»DVDs and getting girls ready to go back home with them, but some beginners among them are having problems getting the girl all the way back home.

This can be a common “sticking point” scenario especially when you are getting a girl to agree to go back to your place very soon after meeting her, let’s say within a few hours as these guys were reporting. (It’s a problem, but the kind of problem we call a “high quality problem, because the majority of guys can’t get a girl to want to come home with them so fast, especially from non-club environments.)

It is almost like a circuit kicks in inside her brain that says “Whooooaaaa, I just met this guy, what the hell am I doing going home with him so fast??? Danger! Danger!”

Since we had enough questions about this part, and because I long ago came up with a simple solution to this problem, today we will talk about how to avoid this.

But first, let’s discuss on a little deeper level what is going on, just what is happening exactly in her mind.

As we have discussed in the past and in detail on our DVDs, women have to be more protective of their precious reproductive resources than do men. Women have only a limited number of eggs to produce babies, and worse still they can’t even use all those because each baby takes at a minimum 9 months of pregnancy for her.

Men have for all practical purposes an infinite number of sperm and since they aren’t the ones who have to get pregnant, it’s physically possible for them to father hundreds of children with very little effort.

No woman actually thinks this when going back to your place but there is a piece of her unconscious mind that is playing the equivalent of this line of thought:

“I just met this guy and if I have sex with him and get pregnant it is 9 months of hell followed by the worst possible pain imaginable for hours on end. What if he runs away and leaves me alone to raise the baby and we both starve to death?”

Now of course if you have known her for a lot longer than just that day and have had time to let her see you are trustworthy then maybe this primitive script doesn’t get turned on at all.

But for the times when you got her super attracted super fast like we show in our DVDs like the café scenes, you have to have a backup plan!

So the key is to interrupt this pattern in her head or distract her so it never starts.

The first way is to stop the reasons it starts in the first place. What I think triggers it a little more often is when you have assumed the sale too fast and start showing signs that you KNOW the two of you will have sex.

The problem is often that guys won’t even know that they are showing these signs, so lets examine a few examples.

If you are in the car driving her back to your place for just walking back with her, and you keep looking over at her legs, or the pitch of your voice changes when you talk cause you are thinking about the hot monkey love you are going to lay on her back at your pad, she is going to pick up on that and fire the warning bells.

“Danger! Danger! This guy just wants me for sex!”

It also can signal that you haven’t had sex in a really long time and you might be desperate, which doesn’t display the kind of high value man women look for.

Worse, a lot of guys will come out and say things like “I can’t wait till we get back to my place, you are so hot!” or something else like this.

It is not uncommon for the girl to suddenly say she changed her mind about going to your place or say she has to get up early or give some other excuse in a case like this.

So the key is to not show any signs whatsoever that you expect or even hope for sex when you get home. Erase all those thoughts from your mind or she will pick up on them.

A good way to do this that will also occupy her mind at the same time and further keep those protective circuits from firing is to just talk in a clam, relaxed tone about the most non-sexual but interesting thing you can think of. If you are close to your place and walking, you can sort of act as a tour guide and point out buildings nearby or tell interesting stories that happened to you.

The main idea here is to make her totally relaxed and let the overall mood feel like it is entirely natural that the two of you should be together going back to your place.

If despite your best efforts with this you still get them verbalizing some resistance, you first have to overload their circuits in a different way, usually with humor and maybe tickling her, etc. You might even pick her up and spin her around and tell her she is too aggressive, and that you are “not that easy”! As usual, flip the script on her.

If you are reading this and thinking, “I would love to even have this problem of getting girls to even think about going back to my place with me within hours of meeting me in the first place!” then you truly owe it to yourself to check out our DVDs.

Helping you to get her home FAST,

Ray Devans

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