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The Art of the Pickup : What You Need Is A Good Flux

"What You Need Is A Good Flux" / June 12th, 2007

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What You Need Is A Good Flux
by Ray Devans of The Art of the Pickup
June 12th, 2007

If you are like me, you might often think back to your days in college, and wonder why there weren’t any courses on things you really wanted to know. Like how to pickup girls for example.

You know, like why couldn’t you have enrolled in Calculus, Psychology 101, Chemistry 101, Spanish, and say, Fast Seduction 101?

Or even if there wouldn’t have been a class dedicated to the subject (we know it would draw too much fire from feminist groups) why couldn’t you have a cool professor who would tie in some normal lessons into teaching you to be better with women.

Let’s say it was Physics 101, then the lecture might go something like this:

Today, we are going to learn about “flux”. What is flux? Well, from

“Flux - the amount of flow per unit time (i.e. energy flux or radiation flux)”

So flux could be the number of ions incident on a given area of substrate per unit time. It could be the number of raindrops hitting your windshield in a minute as you speed along at 60 miles per hour in your car. It could be the amount of columbic charge flowing through a circular cross section of wire per unit time (also known as current).

But I can see all of you are thinking “Yes, professor Devans, but how will that get me more success with the opposite sex?”

So today we are going to take a break from pure physics, and discuss “chick flux”.


Chick flux is the number of women passing through an area per time. And it is your job as students of the Art of the Pickup» to be always consciously aware of seeking out areas of high chick flux to practice your newfound skills you have learned in our newsletters and our DVDs.

The first thing to realize is that you can’t stay at home and watch TV all the time and expect to be successful with women, because the chick flux is zero. As an interesting thought experiment, if you put Brad Pitt in a zero chick flux cardboard box all his life, he still gets zero women despite his good looks and fame. Every man needs to get out and be where women are in order to even have a chance to meet women.

OK, stepping that up one level, for you guys living in a small town, you have consider moving to a larger town where you can meet more women and the chick flux is greater. But until then, you have to at least be aware of what places in your town have the greatest flux; maybe it’s a bookstore, the local Wal-mart, the park, the local bar, etc.

Now even if you already live in a large city, you might ask yourself where the flux is greatest. Professor Devans first thought about chick flux when observing that literally hundreds of hot women poured out of the gates of Shinjuku train station in Tokyo, Japan each minute. A perfect place for an aspiring pickup artist to find exactly the type of woman he likes and go test his new skills on her. So let’s say you are in New York, it might be Times Square or Grand Central Station.

Some of you will prefer flux in a contained area, like in a huge nightclub. Others will want a more relaxed environment like a museum. It’s something you have to think about on your own, as everyone has different tastes and strengths. If you are the more introverted intellectual type the museum might be better for you, if you are an extrovert then clubs might suit you better.

How about the concept of pure chick flux? After all, nightclubs and train stations also have guys in them who you aren’t interested in, but how about being the only guy in a yoga class full of women? Professor Devans speaks from experience here that there is nothing quite as fun as experiencing pure chick flux in a setting like this. Zero guys and 40 women is a great equation, remember it.

What about increasing chick flux by driving with your wingman? This one is like the example we talked about with raindrops on your windshield. The faster you go, the more raindrops you hit. So similarly walking slowly downtown you can see some good looking women here and there, but have you ever noticed how you always seem to see the most amazing, drop dead gorgeous women at the least convenient times like when you are driving and can’t get out to talk to them?

Well you don’t need a Delorean or Flux-Capacitor to take advantage of this flux, just make an agreement with your wingman to drive you around for a few hours and drop you off here and there whenever you see the woman of your dreams, and keep trying until your approach works. If it doesn’t work the first time, call him to pick you up and try it again. You do the same for him on another day and you are even.


I hope you enjoyed today’s lecture, and have some new ideas about how to be aware of, look for, and take advantage of a good flux. Now if you want to supercharge your success with the flux, make sure you have your copy of “The Art of the Pickup»DVDs, they teach you everything you need to know.

May the flux be with you,

Ray Devans

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