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theApproach : Confessions of a Reformed Text-Message Hater

"Confessions of a Reformed Text-Message Hater" / August 15th, 2006

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Confessions of a Reformed Text-Message Hater
by Sebastian Drake of theApproach
August 15th, 2006

Many, many men find text messaging to be a lesser form of communication than calling or face-to-face meetings. They shun and refuse to use text messaging, even mocking abbreviations like "ur" for the word "your".

The fact is, text messaging is a very powerful tool that you NEED to include in your arsenel if you're getting lots of phone numbers. Here's why:

*When you call a girl and she decides not to answer, she's actively decided not to talk to you. She'll often rationalize that she did that because she doesn't like you.

Whereas, with TEXTING, the girl will always read your text, 100% of the time.

*You can TEXT multiple girls at the same time - Up to 10, in fact. With modern phones, this is very easy and convenient to do - You can go through your contact list and check who gets the message. You can send a message to every girl you know that you're going out tonight and she should come - and schedule dates with whoever responds.

*Texting is FAR quicker than getting on the phone. Even if your fingers can't handle the little keys, it still takes 5 minutes at most to text, and it can be easily multitasked, including in loud places like nightlife and public transportation, and places that'd be rude to make a call, like while eating at a restaurant with a few friends.

*You can think your text over as long as you want to get it RIGHT. If the girl texts you back a curveball, you can think it over before you reply. On the phone, if she says something strange and off-putting, there's a larger chance of making a mistake and saying something goofy.

*You can always call after you've texted each other back and forth a few times.

*If she doesn't reply to a text, it's not bad for your value to text her again with some regularity, as long as your messages are funny, friendly, or interesting. Calling repeatedly with no answer - not a good move.

*And lastly, it gives the GIRL time to think it over and get it right too. Women often don't know what to say and feel awkward in social situations, say things that make themselves feel goofy, and get embarassed they said that. With texting, they have time to get their point across in a cool, social way, and have less of a chance of getting embarassed.

There's MANY advantages to text messaging. These days, I always text a girl before calling her after the first time I get her number. And 99% of the time someone doesn't answer my call and I need to leave them a message, I hang up and text them. It's cleaner and more convenient for everyone, and puts a powerful tool in your arsenal.

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