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theApproach : How to Attract Women by Being Direct

"How to Attract Women by Being Direct" / March 13th, 2006

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These Boston-based pick up artists teach seminars and workshops on the East Coast and around the world. They are constantly innovating new ideas but are most famous for their mastery of direct game and street pickup. Very hard core intelligent advice and techniques, a must read.

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How to Attract Women by Being Direct
by Vincent DiCarlo of theApproach
March 13th, 2006

How to Attract Women by Being Direct

The extremely attractive women in this world are
used to male attention. Period.

And should it surprise you?

Of course not. Well in this dating tips article,
I am going to tell you the #1 way of attracting
one of these high-caliber women.

First, I want to tell you what it is like to be
one of these women. It's important to be able to
see the world through an attractive woman's eyes.

Imagine just for a second...

You are walking from the subway to the store to
return a pair of shoes you bought last week.

Not one minute off the subway, a man looks at you
and smiles. He holds eye contact past the point
of being comfortable, but says nothing, and keeps

Now on the street, another guy looks at you and
exclaims "Wow, you're hot." And continues to
watch you as you walk past him.

What was he expecting? Did he thing you would
turn around and chase him down simply because he
expressed his interest? Jeez. This is getting old.
You just want to return your shoes!

Once in the store, you are on your way to the
counter when a very sophisticated older gentleman
approaches you.

He seems very nice and holds up a conversation
pretty well. He tells you your eyes are pretty,
and he was intrigued by your smile.

This is somewhat refreshing, since he seems to
pay attention to you.

But his compliments don't stop there. Now he is
looking at your breasts. And he is telling you
your shirt is also very pretty. Ok Ok... enough
old man, I get it.

And now he is telling you he would like to buy
you a diamond necklace to go with your shirt.

What? What did you do to win this man's
attention? He must be very desperate. Does he do
this to every girl?? Can you see how frustrating
life can be for one of these women?

Every man is either too scared to make a real
approach or so nice that it is sickening.


That's right. The way to get the attention and
build attraction with these women isn't through
money, fame or good looks. You must be different
and distinguish yourself from every other guy who
has given her attention in the past 24 hours.

In a nutshell, the two most effective ways to
distinguish yourself from the monotony and
endless barrage of boring men lies in the
following two behaviors.

1. Have the confidence to approach, hold eye
contact and have a normal conversation with her.

Most men are intimidated by beautiful women.
Don't be one of them.

2. Be more impressed by her personality than her
physical beauty.

Take the time to learn what makes her special
from every other woman around you. Learn about
her interests, passions and dreams. Then use those
as starting points to demonstrate your interest
in her.

Mastering those two things will put you light
years ahead of most men in the seduction game
out there, and put you in a position to find a
really beautiful woman who appreciates being
with you as well.

Vin DiCarlo a.k.a. Woodhaven

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