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theApproach : The Two Kinds of Club Makeout Guy

"The Two Kinds of Club Makeout Guy" / August 17th, 2006

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The Two Kinds of Club Makeout Guy
by Sebastian Drake of theApproach
August 17th, 2006

There's two kinds of men that make out with women in the club. While the "club makeout guy" doesn't get laid, there's another kind of man that kisses women quickly and passionately, and then pulls the trigger later.

Who is the dorky club makeout guy?

The dorky club makeout guy is a guy that thinks he's worth a lot more than he is, who is often good looking or well-dressed, whom women make out with for fun and for laughs. He frequently thinks he's much further along than he is, and is surprised when the women disappear at the end of the night.

What kind of guys make out with women quickly, then lay them?

A man can make out with women very quickly, and go somewhere with it. There are two keys to this:

*First, you need an extremely sexual image. This means tight, fashionable or image-projecting clothes. Hair that is unique and interesting, and "wouldn't be acceptable for work". An interesting accessory, great body language», and a sly smile.

*Second, you need to recognize which women are possible to kiss quickly. There's a lot to be said for this, but here's one of my favorite tricks:

Work the room very quickly, opening lots of people. After you do, introduce yourself quickly, and take the person's hand. When it's a woman, lean in towards her and swap "cheek kisses" with her. That's where you touch your cheeks against hers one at a time and make the "mwah!" kissing noise.

While you do this, look for girls who PUT THEIR LIPS ON YOUR CHEEK. Most women will touch their cheeks to yours - This is how it's typically done. When a woman puts her lips on your cheek, you can make out with her right away.

After she puts her lips on cheek, kiss her with your lips on her other cheek. Look her in the eyes and say, "Wow, your lips are so soft" while standing very close to her. Commence makeout.

NOW! If you want to be the guy who takes her home (or to the bathroom), as opposed to "club makeout guy" here's what you need to do -

*End the physicality first. Break off the kisses and makeouts before she does.
*Don't "expect" more. Realize that if she's down for it, you'll have a good time, but if she doesn't, don't be hurt. I.E., don't act surprised or hurt if she goes off to do her own thing.
*Get LOTS of compliance from her. Getting her to buy you a drink is a good start.
*Move her around, meet her friends, and introduce her to your friends. DON'T try to get her alone in the corner.

Doing it like this will keep your value high and get her heavily invested and attracted. It lets you make out with girls quickly which is always fun, while giving you your best chance to lay them later. Keep playing.

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