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Field Report: Another Girl Joins The I Hate Lex Fan Club

mASF post by Jon King

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Field Report: Another Girl Joins The I Hate Lex Fan Club
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mASF post by "Jon King"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/9/05 7:49:00 PM, LexDiamond wrote:
>So another girl just joined
>the I Hate Lex Fan Club today.
>I'm thinking of selling them
>posters of me that they could
>then rip and burn to get their
>frustration out.

Ooooh I want a Lex poster! But tearing it up is definitely going to be LAST on
MY to do list . . .


When you get back out there sarging like you want to I'm sure your state will
bounce right back.

I want to first second what you said about keeping correspondance short. The
guideline is to only write as long (or shorter) as the last person wrote to
you. It's even in the 25 points - alphas say it in the minimum of words and no
more. Good advice.

Also, I just read that BBQ post:

Originally Posted by Lex Diamond
"Just as HBPissedOff is about to get into my car, I asked HBItaly "what are you
doing tonight." HBPissedOff just kind of stood there by the passenger door and
said, "So what's this?" I thought she was pointing to the door, so i said,
"OHHHHHH, you want me to open the door for you." She tells me, "look, if you
don't want to do this, i could go home." I'm looking at her wondering are you
kidding me. So i said to her, "what's with the attitude?" And she is like, "you
know what, give me a call when you want to get together." And just walk back to
her appartment. I'm standing there thinking, what the fuck just happened."

That explains her e-mail - looks like you took it too far. She's thinking
you're picking her up for a date, friend or more, and you're talking to another
girl about she's doing that night as you pull up to pick her up.

ps. I'm coming up to see you guys in the Hammer by the end of the month - Hess,
baby, Hess!

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