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Against the BASICS

mASF post by Chance

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Against the BASICS
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mASF post by "Chance"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

I honestly don't have very much to add to what Riker said.

When I was writing "BASICS", I wasn't thinking of direct or indirect or any
'style'. My post is about a way to live your life comfortably and come across
cool to people. I even mentioned TD as a sort of muse, not because of his
involvement with indirect, but because "25 Points" and "Dress cool and act
normal" really resounded with me more after my experiences.

I don't have anything against the indirect guys and I think that some of their
concepts can be very helpful when integrated smoothly.

What you have is a lot of guys in the community still holding the self-concept
that they are not cool. In their minds, they are inadequate, but they are
practicing stories and techniques to make them seem cool to other people. Only
after other people validate their "coolness" will they begin to believe it
about themselves. This method of going about things relies on external
validation for success. In the process of 'practicing' routines and
techniques, many guys become even more needy and desperate for validation than
they were before they started. All this does is reinforce the idea that the
practitioner isn't cool and that the cool people who DON'T try are that much
cooler than him for not having to try.

In BASICS, I realized how much better I was treated when I wasn't attached to
the outcome of the interactions and how much easier everything seemed when I
was internally centered... that is, not actively seeking validation, but

Sharpshooter, you seem to believe that internal validation is passive because
it is not something one can actively DO, like a routine. This is untrue. It
is a state of being that you do not have to "do". It is all-encompassing and
ever-present. It is not an event. This fact does not render internal
validation into an unreliable means of PU.

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