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Field Report:Shakespeare never did this at friday night:))

mASF post by putnik

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Field Report:Shakespeare never did this at friday night:))
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mASF post by "putnik"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

On 6/18/05 12:09:00 PM, crnaosa wrote:
>After that, Putnik soon
>arrived and we talk a little
>bit about each other and
>decided to walk around and
>meet the girls while we are
>waiting for my friend to join
>us soon. Putnik is really
>cool, tall guy and looking

thank you man.;)))

Also ... about "Von Dutch" I told you I felt like I was sarging
with IAmTheFuture....he wears Dutch too;)))) at least that's what I saw from

"Von Dutch" - certified PUA clothing;)))))

>so, we are
>walking through the “walk
>zone” in the center of
>Belgrade and I spot a group of
>three girls that are watching
>postcards and greeting cards,
>so I opened one of them using
>co: (I took one of the
>birthday greeting cards) “Do
>you think that this one would
>be appropriate one for my kid
>sister birthday?”
>hbtall: Well, for the sister,
>co: “For the sister,
>yes...ok...and which one would
>it be ok for girlfriend,
>something like...this?”and I
>took other greeting card:)with
>love messages and something
>hbtall: “Well, I don’t like
>that love kind of thing...even
>if it’s for a girlfriend”
>co:”So, you are more into the
>friendship kind of greeting
>cards...something like
>this?”and I pulled a greeting
>card with teddy bear and
>neutral messages:)
>At that moment she starts to
>talk with her friends who
>turned out to be her mother
>and aunt:))))so, they seemed
>they are going to continue
>walking and I didn’t want to
>let it go like that so, I
>changed my position slightly
>to turn myself in the
>direction, like me and her
>have kind of conspiracy
>between us and asked:
>co: “So what has to happen in
>that friendly personality of
>yours, so that we can see each
>hbtall:”Nothing , because I
>have a boyfriend.”
>co:”We talked about
>hbtall:”Well, I have a lot of
>friends already”
>At this point her mother and
>aunt already went and she is
>still here talking to me:),
>co:”Well, you don’t have a
>friends like me:)” confident
>and playful tone
>hbtall: “I do”
>co:(I just shrug my shoulders
>and smiled):”ok”
>she walked her direction and
>Putnik and I ours....opinions

LOL....I didn't realized that it was her mom there...It was hilarious for me
when found out...And now you're telling me that the third "girl" was her
aunt...LOL ;)))))))))))

Anyway you opened that girl very good...You created attraction and rapport was
on the way...(If just there wasn't cockblocking mom)...Well now occured to me
that if the mom was any hotter I could have sarged her;)))) Anyway girl was
into you man.. I saw her how she was curling her hair and other stuff giving
you mad IOIs...But I think that you have another problem...I'll write about it

>Now, Putnik and I talked and
>walked a bit, and we opened
>one other set of 4 girls, I
>introduced Putnik to them
>properly, cool responses and
>nice talk with them, Putnik
>show something from his
>arsenal, his attitude is great
>and I like it:)...but nothing
>special happened worth
>mentioning...btw. those chicks
>weren’t something special... arsenal...;)) Man you'll make me shy... Anyway I tried that line for
the first time. And I used it case they were very young so it fit
perfectly(btw. I don't sarge girls that are that young, I like more mature
ones). What I said was a variation of "you remind me of power puff girls", and
to my surprise they responded pretty good about that one. I almost didn't
belive it. They started showing IOIs and stuff...One girls actually said that
the fourth member is missing, jsut left few minutes ago...But that sarge ended
very soon...and we continued our walk...

>Now, it’s about eleven...and
>Putnik is kind of tired and
>thinks about what to
>do...meantime, we meet my
>friend and think about where
>to go...but then, Putnik
>definitely decides to leave
>us...he is sorry and he
>doesn’t feels quite good about
>meeting the girls, so he
>decides to, you
>shouldn’t push yourself too
>much!If you are not in the
>mood for that, just enjoy the
>rest of the evening...:))Glad
>to meet you though, hope that
>we are going to have some
>great time together...cheer up

Yeah...I felt pretty bad about sarging girls. I just wasn't in the state...But
I later that evening I tried and I fucked up my post in
General. And there is another thing, when I met you and when we started to
looking for girls I felt HUGE pressure on me. I felt like under a ton. It was
like I must sarge no matter what and that was making me problem too. But when
I'm around my regular friends and people I know, there is no that pressure
cause they don't know nothing about mASF so I can chill if I want and sarge if
I feel like it. Don't get me wrong, you weren't pushy or something like
that...It was just in my head.

>Later, we opened two girls
>that were eating popcorn with
>remark about they’re energy,
>they are curious and obviously
>intellectuals, so the opener
>suits...they have questions
>about what kind of
>energy...they are relaxed and
>opened to talk, especially one
>of them I am talking with, I
>introduced my friend to them,
>but he isn’t quite relaxed
>when the word is about street
>, we talk a bit about
>the energy, interesting convo,
>I suggested them to go with us
>to the raft on the river
>Sava(very good music and
>atmosphere...), but the other
>one is cockblocking me, she is
>like “no, we can’t...”The
>chick I was interested for
>apologizes to me big time
>cause they can’t go with us,
>we talk a bit more, in a cool
>way, but nothing more
>happened...I should go for
>#close, which I didn’t, forgot
>to do that!:)Anyway, needed a
>wing there!
>opinions welcome!
>When we finally got to the
>rafts, it was about
>midnight...raft was packed
>with chicks already but we
>couldn’t get in...fuck!
>So, we decided to go to the
>raft near buy...which is still
>not full...there are more guys
>then girls here(because the
>hottest girls are on the first
>raft, but what the heck...we
>are here, so we are going to
>have great time...right?;)) We
>are dancing and jumping and
>whatever...and suddenly the
>raft is full!! Ok, still more
>guys then girls, but enough
>girls to PU...
>I spotted this hot girl in
>white tight
>costume...wonderful ass and
>the rest , EC, but she is in
>mixed group with two girls and
>two big guys, but she is
>dancing alone...
>I opened here with: “Hi”and
>hbwhite: “Hi”
>co:”Who are you here with?”
>hbwhite:(she turns around and
>shows the group to me, at that
>moment the rest of the group
>is talking with each other and
>they don’t pay attention to
>co:”So, these are your
>hbwhite:”Well, not
> of them is A
>SORT OF my boyfriend”...he
>fucks her, ok...
>co:”Ok, glad to meet
>you...”and walked away...
>opinions welcome!
>Now, couple of minutes later I
>spotted a group of blondes and
>opened them with “hi”.
>They are all about 6 and are
>all into me and giggling, soon
>they leave me with my target!!
>we are dancing a bit, she is
>leaning in to here me better
>and is giggling, but
>conversation suck...(probably
>should do kino much more here
>and just touch her as a part
>of dancing with her)...but, at
>that time my friend is bored
>there, so I excuse myself for
>a minute, she is leaving to
>her friends too...after I
>ensured that my buddy is
>ok...but, when I came back,
>she is still interested, but
>won’t dance with me anymore
>(because of her friends...) In
>the meantime I perceive that
>one of her girlfriends, who
>appears to be her roommate, is
>much hotter than she is so I
>continue to talk with her;)I
>still talk with my first
>target, in order to keep good
>emotions in the
>chick, but, at the moment when
>I turned her to me so that we
>can dance closely, she tells
>me that she is expecting her
>boyfriend to come soon and
>that she doesn’t want him to
>see her dancing with me...ok,
>I say: “cool...”and eject the
>group...opinions welcome!
>I meet one more chick later,
>real hottie, really good
>vibing and dancing together in
>the middle of a dance stage,
>really good communication with
>her and her female friend,
>three of us danced and had
>fun, but whenever I wanted to
>touch her or to take her hands
>and put them around me, she
>playfully denies...ok, we are
>dancing and vibing and great
>EC, she looks like Salma
>Hayek, and I told her
>that...and she asks her friend
>if she looks like Salma Hayek
>and her friend who is cool
>with me (hehe, good
>girl...)says “yes, a
>little..”they both giggling
>and she has very gentle and
>sexy face movements and is
>really really pretty and great
>she asks me if she looks like
>Halle Berry, and I say “No,
>because she has a nose like
>Salma Hayek” playfully and
>So, we are having great time
>actually...vibing and smiling
>and friend is
>near by...I check him from
>time to time and come back to
>the girls...
>Soon, it’s almost like 3 a.m.
>and my friend is tired, so we
>are about to go...
>I ask her:”What has to happen
>in this beautiful personality
>of yours, so that we see each
>other again?”
>Salma:”Nothing, I have a
>boyfriend and he is about to
>come soon, sorry, you didn’t
>ask”and she is smiling...
>So I smile to her and
>leave...lady is a player...
>finally the end...opinions

Okay I will be very honest about you. First when I met you we started talking
about TD's 25 points. And you remember that I told you that 25 points isn't
that important. You just must be cool with yourself and relaxed and "25 points"
will come to you naturally. If you're constanly worried about how your legs
will be positioned, and how your face expressions will look like than you can't
relaxed and be one with yourself. So that's what I did. I just forgot all about
25 points and I'm trying to just be cool with my self and to love me and all
that inner game» stuff. Now, I want you to tell me how I looked? Be deadly
honest, just like I'm with you.
To me you looked a little bit like a trying too hard. You were focusing on all
this little things and your face was a little bit stiff. You weren't relaxed.
That seriousnes is ok somewhen when you're chatting a girl but you must be
yourself. You looked like a fake alpha. Correct that. Just relax. And
acknowledge that you're cool guy. You don't have to do all that excersises.
Cause you really _are the man_. You just need to be aware of that. And forget
about 25 points. They are ok in begining but if you want to become real ALPHA,
do you think that those guys think how their body will look like or they are
just comfortable in every situation?

Another thing. You are TOO fast in sarge. You are shooting yourself in the
foot. I mean, you left the part when you approached few girls on the street
which just blew you in a matter of seconds. I can tell you why is this. You
looked too needy. Again you must relax and slow things down. (btw. don't think
that I'm preaching you here. I have similar problems. I just want to help you.
And I'm expecting same comments from you.) This fast approaching thing can be
good for fun. But you must calm down and really dedicate yourself to every set
you open. This way it looked like you were trying to open as much sets as you
could, without reall intention to go anywhere with them. You must really push
yourself with every set and don't rush the things. "Make the ho say no!". I
mean you can't just open three girls and without any rapport any attraction ask
them "is there any good party in the city". That line was little bit dumb. And
it conveyed your eagerness which is actually needines. And that is when the
sarge ended.

Don't take this as insult, I'm saying dumb shit to girls all the time. I did it
that same night when I left and sarged that three girls. I recevied many
bitchslaps from them and had spoken some pretty dumb shit...So I just want to
be sure that you don't se me as preaching you. Ok?

I know where you are now in the process of learning. You had to do massive
amount of approaches in order to overcome that anxiety. But now when you are
over it work further. You must work on your post opening stuff. Just be easier
on the girls don't push so much pressure on them. Buying temperature is OK,
especially with younger girls, but you must convey that you have cool
personality. You can't do that with what you are doing now. the only way is if
you show her the way how you treat her. And you can't treat her right if you
still are in that "adrenaline rush opening" mode. You must go down and start
normal convos.

All I saw from you was that you were conveying that fake player image to girls.
You didn't seemed like genuinly interested in them. That's why I said they felt
like under a pressure. They didn't feel that you just love them or want to know
them. Especiall that 3set to which you introduced me. They were young and dumb,
but they felt that you were just playing with them. Btw. that first girl that
you opened, that was OK. that post card opener was really cool...althought I
didn't hear the last part of your convo when you didn't manage to take her
phone...but what I heard earlier in the sarge was asked for her
opinion, her style, feelings and stuff...that was ok...Work on that...don't be
too itchy. It's that mine sticking point is similar, I tend to hurry up things I know what I'm talking about. I thing that we must look at them like
beings that we can learn so much interesting stuff about. That should be the

Greetz... man...

"There are no rejections - just shit tests"

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