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Re: Essence of Street Game.

mASF post by Alessandro

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Re: Essence of Street Game.
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mASF post by "Alessandro"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, June 6, 2005

OM wrote:

> On 6/6/05 3:51:46 AM, Alessandro wrote:
>>2) Totally have a cute
>>innocent smile. Trying to be a
>>tough mature guy
>>is total bullshit, both on the
>>street AND basically
>>everywhere else.
>>Act like you're laughing at
>>her/them. Act
>>like you're blushing. Act like
>>you're new in town and don't
>>know where
>>you're going. Act like you're
>>from some happy, friendly,
>>outgoing planet.
> Isnt that droping your alpha status? About laughing and smiling it is said
> you must be careful with that. Being similing all the time may look like a
> male. Alpha status males will give ocasionally a smile, and many times that
> smile its not the "happy smile" but the
> "mysterious-bond-like/i-am-gonna-fuck-you-and-you-know-it" smile. Besides,
> smiling a lot or in a very happy way may look like a childish person.I am
> confused...give me some insights

I really hate James Bond; he is like David Chappelle, everybody thinks
they "get" how to be like him, but nobody does. You can't pull of a
James Bond smirk if you look like Danny Devito. Personally, I could
never be congruent with the tough guy persona; I am sexually aggressive,
but not uptight.

The smile is just feeling like money, like she wants you and you're too
good for her. I can show you a picture of it if you want.

>>3) Indirect game is where it
> With street you
>>really will have to hide your
>>Unless you're in an obvious
>>meat market where people come
>>to check each
>>other out, and even THEN only
>>if you're both good looking
>>and you've AI.
> i heard that really good PUA sometimes use very direct methods. they dont
> to show their real intentions. They are their with the women just for one
> purpose..fuck them, but they show it, in some way they show it even if with
> body language.
> What do you say about that?

I don't know man; I don't know what streets these guys are working, what
is the quality of the chicks? I mostly game happening party areas and
chicks are getting hit on left center and right. I can't afford to hit
on girls, guys are yelling to them "Hey, I gotta take a pee, help me
lift my dick". Guys on our streets are obnoxious, so in order to cut
through the heavy bitchshield and ASD buildup I have to walk beside
chicks and be creative.

>>But if you're trying to open a
>>chick who is sick of being hit
>>on, or if
>>you yourself are no Adonis,
>>then play INDIRECT game. There
>>is some stuff
>>that I use to open, like
>>singing along with whatever
>>music at an
>>earshot, possibly coming from
>>a bar or loud obnoxious cars.
>>Or you can
>>sing your own cheesy pop tune
>>and ENJOY it. Or you can open
>>immediately after another guy
>>hits on them; that's like
>>using losers as
>>a stepping stool, no matter
>>what you say, it will be
>>always better than
>>whatever the guy hitting on
>>her said, capitalize on his
>>Dance. Open her while walking
>>on front of her, don't look
>>behind, just
>>tilt your head and talk loud,
>>REREAD TD's 25 points.
> where can i find TD 25 points? in wich pdf file? there are so many...

Go get'em!

>>5) Once she is hooked and
>>interested, you can take is
>>slow and "ground
>>your personality". Come out as
>>a real genuine person, be
>>likable, kissable. This is
>>where you bring out multiple
>>confessions, DLV,
>>vulnerability, do EV and feed
>>her her stuff back. If
>>she doesn't give love back and
>>acts weird, DON'T GO BACK TO
> "give love back"? sometimes women play hard for testing you..if you play C&F
> without giving a shit to her, if you C&F because you do it all the time maybe
> the girl will think that afterall you are not afraid of her. If you stop CF
> maybe she will think that you failed the test. Could that happen? other
> PUAs say to not show vulnerability and speak little about are
> saying the opposite.
> give me some insights about my thoughts.

My only advice to you is to take every advice you get and field test it
100 times. You will have more fun and experience on the field than
reading opinionated KJ manifestos. Some guys make a religion out of it,
I consider it criticizing food or reviewing amusement park rides for the

Can't wait to go sarging tonight ^_^

> thanks

"I push my seed in my push for life
It's gonna work becuz I'm pushin it right
If Mary drop my baby girl, tonight
I would name her Rock-N-Roll"

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