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Bad news friend, your not cool

mASF post by Jon King

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Bad news friend, your not cool
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mASF post by "Jon King"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2005

On 5/19/05 10:14:00 PM, Intuit wrote:
>In other
>words, regardless of who they are in
>company with, they stay pretty much
>level headed and the same. They can be
>themselves AND still relate to anyone.

Fucking right. That summarizes so much of what I've been working for in terms
of improvement lately. I used to have a family persona and a persona for every
social circle I hung with of varying energies and styles. And then more for
girls. It was fucking weird and exhausting. Hard to explain. The differences
are minute between each persona but not cool.

Now I act more or less the same around everyone and it feels great. The 'PU
mode' I turn on and off is just dissolving and melding with who I am. It is
huge for improving life satisfaction and attaining that "JUST BE A COOL GUY"
everyone wants you to be. I think it just takes a lot of field work and crash
and burn and experimentation to figure out exactly who you are and how you're
going to be.

**TEST**: Imagine two of your social circles (eg. ASF + AFC), some family, and
a bunch of HBs all in one room with you. How would you act? Would all your
interactions be congruent with each other? Or would people be looking at you
going "why are you acting like this ?" or "what's with ___ today? why's he
being so weird?" If you'd expect overhearing those questions or having people
wonder them, you've probably got a lot more work to do.

- Jon

ps. If anyone wants to be cooler and hasn't done it already, start
internalizing the 25 points:

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