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Outing Report: Dealing with negative outcomes

mASF post by Joe R Walker

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Outing Report: Dealing with negative outcomes
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mASF post by "Joe R Walker"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2005

Yesterday I had two of the best looking women on my phone list kiss me goodbye.
One of them was one of the harshest rejections I have ever had. Since finding
mASF I have gotten AMOGed twice. Never happened before. I have been made a fool
of in public by a chick. I have done a lot of uncomfortable approaches. I have
even gamed a woman and then not been able to physically follow through.

So why am I having such a good time? Because I am stupid enough to fool myself.
Cognitive Dissonance? I see it like this. I got the buying temperature of two
hot looking women high enough to give me their digits when they have no desire
to get involved with someone. I got AMOGed the first time because I pulled a
girl from a mixed set and one of those guys was her boyfriend who had enough
game to come steal her back. Better luck next time dude cause now I am a little
bit smarter.

The second time was last Friday night. Crowded bar, I decided to find the
hottest looking woman in the place and game her, just because I can. She was a
tall blonde behind a roped off area. I started mouthing words to the girl next
to her when she got curious enough about what I was saying I just walked past
the guys who were guarding the entrance and sat down beside her and opened up
with situational shit. Another chick comes over and we get joking around and
this new one gets me to stand up and steals my chair. Fun stuff. I go stand
behind the HotBabe. I open her and when she turns around we are only inches
apart. Tease her some

W What is that shit”
HB Wine.
W Wine’s what you drink when the beers all gone.

I start drinking her wine. Talking about good wines, etc. Things are going
pretty good (IOI’s) except for that big rock on her left hand. I turn back to
play with the first couple girls and when I come back the guy who was in front
of HotBabe is now between us and being very attentive. He has a matching rock
on his left too. I don’t have enough to deal with that. But instead of feeling
all bummed I go find friends who challenge me to pinch HBLatino’s ass. Fifteen
minutes later I pull it off with her permission of course. Later HBLatino group
leaves unexpectedly and I can’t chase to get a number because it breaks TD’s 25

I could be depressed about losing the women or feel tooled by the HotBabe to
get her husband’s attention, but instead I am just stupid enough to be having a
real good time.

I haven’t got many comments to my posts in the past so do I put enough detail
in this post that somebody can get some value out of it or tell me where I
could do better?


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