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When to stop ‘gaming’ and go ‘normal style’

mASF post by Pussy Lover

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When to stop ‘gaming’ and go ‘normal style’
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mASF post by "Pussy Lover"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

I'm thinking now of two situations:

The first is when you're talking to some girls at a bar. At first the
pressure is on and you have to make a good impression. If their friends jump
in or they go to get drinks or go to the bathroom most guys could conclude that
the set didn't work out.
But if after 5 - 10 minutes it appears that you're all getting along you can
relax and stop seeing every little thing as a sign that the set is ruined
because you're sort of 'with' the girls now. Not that you're automatically
going to hang out with them all night. But if you're chatting and they turn to
the bar to get some drinks its okay for you to chill for two minutes and talk
to them again. You didn't get blown out. You're not making a mistake by
re-opening in a way that goes against TD's 25 points. You didn't get
cockblocked if their friends distract them for three minutes. It's no big
deal, same as if your friends did those things to you. You've passed the point
to where you're quasi-hanging out with them.

The second situation is when you're gaming a girl and you just realize that
this girl likes you for who you are and you don't need to game her anymore.
You can just be yourself and advice the relationship 'normal person style', for
lack of a better phrase, and you'll end up hooking up with her soon enough.
Not saying you won't use any stuff from asf but you're past the point where you
need to do try to 'spike her BT with the Cube Routine then do a DHV'. You
don't need to strategically do "Rapport". She likes you already. You can just
take her out, be your cool self, have fun together, make a move towards the end
of the night like most people do etc etc. Or sometimes you recognize this
right away. Like within five minutes you think 'okay this girl is in to me,
can just be myself and I'll probably get her number'.

Pussy Lover

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