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Re: Mini-poll: what inner game» theory helped you?

mASF post by Angelo

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Re: Mini-poll: what inner game» theory helped you?
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mASF post by "Angelo"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, April 4, 2005

My greatest inner game» influences:

It all started for me when I discovered on the internet a guy who calls himself
"Doc Love." He's got a column in the dating section of His writings
and ideas completely blew my mind and transformed my inner paradigm/mindset
concerning relationships between men and women. I was the classic "nice
guy/wuss" and this guy's writings really challenged me to wake up, smell the
coffee, and see reality (He calls it "The Reality factor"). All my life, I had
been living with attitudes and beliefs about women, and what women want...which
I MYSELF had created...but which in fact were NOT truly reflective of reality.
Although women may say that they "just want a nice guy," this is merely code
language, I finally realized. The reality about women I finally found out, is
that what they really want more than anything (but will never admit) is a guy
who is a CHALLENGE!

Well, Doc Love's advice turned my life around. I got his book and CD, and read
all his archived columns. I started going out and getting dates, for the first
time in years. This initial success got me hungry for more. That's when I went
back to the internet, and discovered David Deangelo/DYD.

As great as Doc Love is, DYD brought me to an even higher level of thinking and
acting around women. I began to achieve amazing levels of success with women.
His anti-wuss, inner game» ideas and formulas brought me even further out of my
former mental wussy mindset.

I continue to absorb all of David D.'s material - and it just keeps getting
better and better. I've benefited from everything that I've heard from him. I
started with his e-book, then got the advanced series and signed up for the
interview series. After attending the Mastery seminar in LA and just now
receiving the Mastery CD and DVD set in the mail, I've been moving on to even
greater levels of strength and power in my inner game» (which in turn, leads to
success outwardly)!

Aside from these two influences, the others with the most impact on my inner
game are: Tyler Durden's "25 points" post, and his "Ten alpha behaviors for
Breakbeak" post. These posts are so KEY for any guy who wants to get good with
women - I'd recommend these to anyone (DAFS). I have these printed out and I
keep them in a folder that I refer to often. I still read and review these to
this day, there's just so many fundamental, foundational ideas in these two
posts of TD's, which are worth reviewing and memorizing. One great example from
his posts: "Never attempt to justify yourself or qualify yourself to

Ijjjjji's posts on confidence, body language, and affirmations are also awesome
and have been great boosts to my inner game». Especially his advice about not
walking around with your eyes too wide open...instead, keep your eyes relaxed,
with lids hanging low...chilled...bedroom eyes... I was always the guy whose
eyes were wide, wide open, scanning the room...not chilled-appearing at
all...Ijjjjji helped me to realize that this type of body language conveys that
I'm looking for validation from others..and that I am not confident inside,
without the need for validation from others. When I read this, BAM! it hit the
nail on the head, and was so convicting for me. By changing my body language I
instantly felt different and realized that I don't need to seek validation from
others, in order to have confidence in myself.

Finally, the RSD intro workshops I've taken were the other huge influences on
my inner game». Not only did I learn a ton from the lecture/speaking portions of
the two intro workshops I attended, which covered a ton of important inner game»
ideas...but I also picked up alot intuitively just by viewing and hanging out
with the RSD instructors for an evening (on two occasions). These guys all have
their game together; and just as DYD recommends, one of the best ways to learn
to be a more cool guy is to get around other guys who are good with women. I
came away from these workshops with a more confident and relaxed attitude about
myself - I even found myself selecting more stylish clothes at the store to
wear, and grooming better and dressing cooler... Although they didn't even
discuss style or fashion at the intros (I know that they cover this extensively
during the full workshops and bootcamps), I think it was just the vibe these
guys have - how they carry themselves, how they speak, how they dress - that
rubbed off on me and gave me a greater consciousness, and an impetus to change
for the better in so many aspects of my life. And by improving how I dress,
speak, and move - this had an internal strengthening effect, since I now felt
more aware and confident. (So it's evident to me now how improvements in the
outer game can contribute to improvements in the inner game», as well.)

Well, there ya go!

- Angelo

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