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20 Rules for Pick up by McMaax . Any feedback!

mASF post by GULI

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20 Rules for Pick up by McMaax . Any feedback!
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mASF post by "GULI"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

I basically agree with this, although i think is based mostly on TD material,
especially his 25 points, and "hard to get" theory, but still it's correct.
What i think btw. is that many of this points should be rather suggestion not
rules. I think that this is kind of approach used to specific type of women,
not always should you go this way, also there are some inconsistency here. For
example in point 4 you say that, is the women who need to choose, and this is
based on TD theory "hard to get", and in 19 you said about Always kino. I think
that basic form is correct, but you have to decide what is really important to
put in points and what are rather suggestions.


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