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Response to Chance‘s post “to anyone who wants...”

mASF post by Chance

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Response to Chance‘s post “to anyone who wants...”
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mASF post by "Chance"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

A whole thread for me? Aw you shouldn't have! Canes! <3

On 4/2/05 3:04:00 PM, Canes wrote:
>The old thread is so huge I
>thought I'd get a post here so
>that Chance has a...well,
>'chance' to read it.

Yes sir.

>First of all, what's up

Just ate a bean burrito, drinkin some caffeine free coke, pondering if I should
hit the clubs tonight, and trying to digest your post over a long span of time
(I like to savor good things).

>I'll preface it by saying you
>are a cool guy based on your
>posts and have no reason to
>worry, whatsoever, because you
>know as well as I do that
>you're headed to success no
>matter what.

Thanks man. You're a cool guy too. I make just as much note to read your
posts as I do for any "PU guru."

>I have to argue against your
>"theatre" opinions. As one
>who's felt the effect of the
>social matrix and everything,
>I know it seems like all the
>masks we wear just cloud up
>the air and there's nothing
>left for the honest ones among

Uh yeah... lol. Can't beat em join em... and do it better.

>But to me, Pickup isn't
>ultimately about adding on
>tactics or techniques in the
>hopes of becoming a
>computer-like encyclopaedia,
>even though that's what it
>might take to get to your

Hmmm... you started to lose me here. I'm not trying to be a PU computer.

>To me, the most powerful thing
>you can do by action is to add
>skill and thereby reduce your
>anxiety and dig deeper down
>closer to your core being.

Yes. Practice and gain experience to foster cofidence. Greater experience
definitely increases situational confidence.

>It's a little philosophical,
>but I believe that everyone
>was born with just a little
>something in us that is
>unshakeable and perfect. We
>just fuck it up.


>You mentioned that we're just
>a bunch of apes, displaying
>dominance to the women. Yes.
>We are.
>choose, select, it's the
>gender of WOMEN that say
>whether or not we are good at
>picking THEM up. The woman
>carries the egg, the womb.
>What we've got is as close to
>nothing as any necessity gets.
>This is great news. We have
>it easier, we can become free.
>Women channel their
>emotional/sexual drives into
>social status-gaining
>bullshit, anything that gives
>them drama. Men can channel
>our drives into building
>skyscrapers, media empires,
>entire nations.

Or sarging :)

>We have to give up these
>stupid AFC ideals. We have to
>make women so desperate to
>choose us that our options
>became inexhaustible and we
>don't have to worry about the
>silly mating game every one
>else is playing.

Beautiful, and i fully agree!

>But do not take out your
>frustrations on women. Why
>would a woman who wants to
>have sex with a prize like you
>be a slut?

Right, I guess it's a catch 22. If the girl wanted ME, she wouldn't be a slut.
But if she wants that bum over there who clearly isn't the prize who was just
being loud and ape-like, then she is. I think this is just personal bias tho,
cuz at the time, that guy probably thinks he is the prize to some degree.

>She's just doing
>what she SHOULD be doing.
>Deep down, your inner self
>KNOWS you are capable of
>having women crawl all over
>you, you are capable of waking
>up with ten of them competing
>to see who gives you a
>blowjob, capable of picking
>them up without saying a word.

I have wanted to believe this for some time now. But then I hear reports that
the gurus are no better than your average cool guys. I've got friends I met
through ASF basically throwing in the towel on this asf dream-- the dream that
one day they will have freedom to have most chicks that they want on the terms
that they want.

And these guys are by no means losers or quitters. They're cool, rational,
intelligent guys who have approached hundreds of chicks and wound up with only
slightly more success compared to the effort expended. And think about it.
These PU gurus go out ALL THE TIME. Everyday. You are bound to get laid every
once in a while going out that much. That's my friends' hypothesis on why the
gurus get the results that they get. They're rapidly losing faith in
methodologies and just going back to working out, dressing well, being chill
(basically 25 Points), and socializing. ASF can make people WEIRD.

I forget exactly how he put it, but one of my friends ( a respected poster on
here) basically said something like, "Here's how it happened: a bunch of nerds
went out and bought a bunch of relationship books and got together and said ,
'Hey, we can become super-studs' and made a forum where they could KJ and talk
about becoming super-studs, and then go out nonstop and finally, when they get
a positive result, come here and post about it. Of course, they're going to
think that they're becoming this super-stud, and so will everyone else, because
they only post about their positive results, completely ignoring the 762 other
approaches. And then some guys see they can make some money off of it, so they
start up workshops where other nerds can come and pay $1500 to hang out with
them for a few nights."

Anyways, don't quote me on that, but he made a convincing and quite funny
speech on ASF culture. Basically the point he was trying to make was that ASF
guys delude themselves into thinking they're getting more results than they are
and that the results they ARE getting are qestionable in terms of how much
time, energy, money, and head-space they're investing into this hobby. And
also that cool guys don't worry so much about this and that ASF facilitates

>The theatre is not artificial,
>it is very real.

I understand that. When I say "social artifice" what I mean is that the
surface-level behaviors of the successful guys were happening because of their
desire to succeed and one-up the next guy, like a game. The AMOG asshole who
interrupts your sarge and pats you on the back in a condescending manner might
be a cool guy if there weren't a hot chick in the room. It's all a game to
give off the perception of having high social status and being "cool." I know
it exists, and in that sense it is very real. But the behaviors that occurs in
a party setting can clash with the underlying normal daytime values a person
has. So in that sense, I call it "artificial" EVEN THOUGH, on second thought,
those behaviors that happen in the party setting may underlie a person's REAL
VALUES, and the normal daytime values are artificial (so as to help them blend
in and gain more status by doing as the Romans do).

>When TD
>reports about what goes on in
>these clubs, it might as well
>be apes on the plains of the
>Serengheti using this stuff.

LOL. I've spotted quite a few apes...

>We are NOT advanced beings
>unless we decide to be. We
>have not evolved past our
>caveman minds.

O, harsh, enlightening truth.

>This is also great news.
>Women will respond to you
>instantly, want to have sex
>with you.
>You don't get much time to
>live. If something you come
>up with is not encouraging or
>positive, maybe we shouldn't
>regard it as even worth our

Yes I agree.

>Don't feel frustrated because
>you see the truth now. Keep
>chugging, charging, sarging,
>and ruling your own world,
>because it will take you to
>places you haven't dreamed of.
>I am merely relating the laws
>of success that already exist.

I am. I'll keep sarging as long as I feel secure that I'm not wasting my time.

>And keep up the good work,

Thanks. A really provocative post Canes, like always.


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