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Alpha = aggressive?

mASF post by noize

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Alpha = aggressive?
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mASF post by "noize"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

For a little while now I am using Alpha BL+TD 25 points.

Now the results are very good for me.
People take me a lot more serious then before.
Some people tend to become nervous around me
(don't know if that is a good thing).
I defiantly generate more IOI.

Last weekend in a club I had a girl just throwing herself at me. Running to me,
eyes wide open (literally) and expected me to take action or something. Frankly
I had no idea how to handle so I smiled and back turned.
I'm getting sidetracked.

In the same club I walked my way to the bar to get some drinks. It was very
crowded so I had to move some people aside. Nobody minded it. Then there was
some dude I moved aside and he started yellin' at me, calling me names and
My reaction: I slapped him in the face.

Normally I never react this way. Either I ignore or laugh at people like this.
*I* was actually shocked that I had hit the guy.

It wasn't the only aggressive reaction that night for me either.

Can Alpha BL be a cause of this aggresive reaction?

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