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Think like a cool guy: de-PUA your thoughts

mASF post by Dimitri

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Think like a cool guy: de-PUA your thoughts
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mASF post by "Dimitri"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, January 1, 2005

Mmm... she's only a societal 7, but I like Asian girls so she gets a +1 point,
making her an 8. She's slightly flakey, but I think it's because she's LSE.
Maybe I'll make her into an mltr or just tell her it's an ltr and cheat on her.
I'm not worried about those afc guys that pine over her, for my masterful amog
tactics can defeat them. I am a **PUA**, here me roar!

Do you think like that? Yeah, I'm being kind of silly and facetious there (just
a bit), but I'd strongly advocate rethinking how you think.

The acronyms are cool and all, but after some thinking about it, I'm now sure
that they can be decidedly harmful if you think in them exclusively.

It distances you from other people in society. Sure, it can be nice to have
edges on people that other people don't even know exist. I play poker, for
instance. In poker, you can do mathematical odds of making hands, then see if
it'd be profitable to make a call based on that.

A lot of people, this hasn't even occurred to them. But I know this, and so do
most winning players. It's nice to have an edge.

But in a social endeavor, anything that takes away from you acting the best you
could hurts you. And if you feel aloof and powerful because you've studied
seduction, then you're heading in the wrong direction, my friend. You want to
identify with other people, and be... normal.

I don't mean normal as in mediocre. I want you to be extraordinary, truly. But
to truly be extraordinary in the social arts, you'll need to be able to
empathize and identify with people. And that means *not* dividing them into
pleasant little categories of "afc", "pua", "natural", "hb", and "ug".

Start rethinking the acronyms. Instead of thinking, "I'm a PUA", think, "I'm a
fuckin' stud" or, if you like the identity, "I'm a player." "I'm a pimp," if
you dig that kind of thing.

"I'm a lover." "I'm the best thing that could ever happen to a woman." "I'm a
badass guy." Or just think nothing at all about it, and know deep inside you
that it's true.

Likewise, don't think of guys as "afcs" or "amogs"... it means you'll be
looking down at some guys, and you'll be in confrontational mode with most of
the rest. Maybe a few you'll respect as "naturals", which is also a problem and
a half, giving them undue respect and hero-worshipping.

Instead, think of a man based on his own merits, and sometimes deficiencies, if
you must. A guy isn't "afc"; he's a little shy. Or maybe he doesn't stand up
for himself.

Really, I'm going to wager that something like 99.99% of people have something
interesting that they could offer, that you could learn about them, maybe that
you could talk with about them. So stop judging people into "afc:non-threat"
and "amog:threat". Just chill out.

In fact, you'll notice that most "amogs" show each other a sort of respect. If
you carry yourself like them, and aren't in standoff mode, you can get that
same respect.

For these same reasons, I don't recommend conscious use of amog tactics. It's
fucking lame and petty. Just be a legitimate, likable guy... and if you've got
some wit, good speaking skills, and a pair of cojones on you, then you'll
naturally say the right things. If you aren't automatically responding well,
then focus on becoming more witty or more manly, or improving your confidence,
or thinking faster on your feet in social situations. It's all doable.

Need I rehash that I dislike rating girls? Sure, most guys can rate women
relative to each other, and most guys' "universal scale" is similar enough when
everybody's telling the truth. But who gives a fuck? A girl turns you on, or
she doesn't. And one girl may or may not turn you on more than another girl.

Two of my girls right now are from the same basic area in the same Asian
country. One's objectively hotter, yeah. But they're both incredible in bed and
cool people - and it's whichever one I'm in the mood for tonight, y'know? I've
got nothing to prove. Having a "9" over vs. a "7.7" isn't getting my rocks off,

See where I'm going here? Stop thinking "afc". Start thinking, "He's a cool
guy, but a little shy." Maybe, "My friend's cool as hell around the boys, but
clams up a little around women." Or, "That guy was just fucking lame and
jealous and shit. Damn."

Same with amogs/naturals/whatever. "Chill guy." Or "Good with the ladies." Not
"natural", as if you're not. Damn.

Oh, and I've officially stopped "sarging". No disrespect to anyone, but I think
having a unique verb that no ones knows to mean "going out to try to pick up
women" is no good for me. I "socialize", "chill out", and "go out to have a
good time". Hell, I even go "meet people", including "go out to meet a cute

Others: No more day2's or day3's, even. Now it's just (gasp!) "a date". Yeah, I
date. Whoa. Sometimes, if I want to think of it less formally, it's "hanging
out". And, hell, sometimes a day3 is even a "second date".

My take of the day. Be well, gentlemen.


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