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Working out is overrated for me

mASF post by aceofhearts

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Working out is overrated for me
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mASF post by "aceofhearts"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, November 11, 2003

A lot of you guys advocate working out for all aspiring PUAs. I've lifted for
about three years ago as an AFC after 23 years of being thin; I was 5'8" and
135 pounds. The quick gains in strength and size made me feel better about my
body; I was getting bigger and stronger every day.

At this point I'm doing pretty good and am probably nearing genetic potentials
without drugs: 160 pounds of lean muscle, and I bench 260, squat 315, and
deadlift 335 despite a genetic spine problem. I look great in tight clothes.
But honestly, I don't feel like being buff helps me in PU. I virtually never
get IOIs based on my body, and of girls that I have successfully attracted or
PUed, they virtually never compliment it. I get more compliments on my shaved
head, my clothes/boots, and my camera. Even this girl I PUed in Taiwan, who
calls me every week long-distance and told me the other day that "I don't go
clubbing after I meet you because I think it unlikely that I meet man as good
as you in club again" only mentioned my body in passing, and she saw plenty of
it when I was there.

Anyway, this isn't a big deal to me, but I was reading TokyoPUA's archive the
other day and he said that working out alone made him go from AFC --> PUA. I
thought, is this for real? Then I realized that some other guys on here
suggest it as being critical to PU. I honestly work out for me, not for
chicks. Actually I'm not even sure if I work out for me, it's more of a habit
at this point. I don't seem to get the big testosterone boost that everyone
talks about, in fact working out doesn't really change my mental state at all.

So out of curiosity, do those of you who lift obsessively find that it helps
your PU very much? I think it's made very little difference to me, even though
I can't imagine living as an excessively skinny or fat guy.


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