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mASF post by Dr. Smooth

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mASF post by "Dr. Smooth"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2003

What's up guys,

Been lurking for a while and I just wanted to introduce myself. ASF has some
money advice and has really improved my game.

I'm 26 years old and live in Los Angeles. Before finding this site, I would
always lecture my friends about the dangers of what i now know is "AFC"
behavior. But finding this site and reading the archives have been like a
twelve step program. I know am coming out of denial and am realizing my own AFC

--"Hello my name is Dr. Smooth and I am an (r)AFC."

Actually, I have come to believe that the AFC/PUA distinction is more of a
continuum rather than a strict classification. Here are some of my attributes.


Confidence/Alphaness and Charisma
Projection of Strong Sexual State
Strong Conversational and Listening Skills (when I'm in a TALKATIVE STATE)
Ability to Evoke Values and Reflect
Shit test passing
Transitioning to F-close after isolation.

AFC Tendencies
--Reliance on Talkative State and "On" Nights (I feast or famine)
--Over-Reliance on "Club Game"
--Reliance on Alcohol (related to talkative state)
--Staying in My comfort Zone/ Not Approaching SHB's
--Overreliance on pre-approach IOIs
--Supplicating Behavior During PU (I'm getting better at eliminating this)
--Training FB's/ maintaining MLTR's (sometimes I treat hoes like housewives. I
need to stop this shit.)

Sticking Point: I'm black, but I PU women of all races. But when I'm doing an
interracial PU, I tend to rely too much on early IOI's. I'm trying to eliminate
this hesitation. (I could do a whole post on this, and may do so sometime in
the future)

--ASF Principles that I've Internalized

--Cocky Funny: My natural game» was more "James Bond" style, and I didn't
incorporate much of this.

--SOME routines/gimmicks (I still not a big fan of most of these, but I like
them as openers)
--Use of Pivots/Social Proof

In my transition to PUA basically involves "Consistency and Quality."

Consistency, in that I want to summon my "A" game at all times. Some days I
feel like King Kong with a 12 inch dick. I have Jedi mind control over these
hoes. Other days I can't pick up a quarter off of the ground.

In "Quality" I need to raise my game to the HB9-10 level. I tend to stay in
my comfort zone, and pre-select my targets based upon my perceived ease of the
PU. With the SHB's, at times I feel like "fuck these bitches" and am too lazy
to put the work in.

Thanks to TD, Style, Gunwitch and Mystery for their posts. They have really
given me some good perspectives. I'm reading MrSex4UNYC's archive right now,
and that shit is money (not to mention hilarious). Looking forward to posting a
FR in the near future.

--Dr. Smooth

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