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Re: Interesting Question for PUA's

mASF post by exps16

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Re: Interesting Question for PUA's
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mASF post by "exps16"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2002

<Sasha18iq> wrote in message news:[email protected]...
> I am 18 years old and I am wondering if I should be also approaching 30
> old HB's or 26 year old HB's, or any HB's in that range which is quite a
> difference compared to mine.
> I keep reading all this stuff about approaching, starting convo's and
> FIND MEET ATTRACT CLOSE, now for an 18 year old, does it relate to females
> ages 23 and up?


> If it does, why is it hard for me to find the balls to do it?

Because evolution will weed out sissies who don't have the balls to approach
the babes in life. There HAS to be AFCs on earth to keep the AFC / PUA
balance.. If everyone was a PUA, we'd all have to step up our game because
we need chumps.

Don't fall into this category. Consider the "Just do it!" approach..
self-explanitory I think. The only true way you're going to get confidence
in approaching these older babes is by TRYING to do it instead of reading up
on how to be more confident.

> HOw can I increase the size of my balls so I can find them when I wanna
> approach much older women like 26 year olds?

Crash and burn a few times and it won't be a problem anymore. Guess what,
I'm willing to bet MONEY that you're having trouble approaching girls of ALL
age. Read Mystery's archives.

Oh yeah, and if my words don't help you get your ass out and try, than maybe
Arnold Schwarzenegger might help you out.


smu johnson

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