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Re: Revealing Dimensions

mASF post by spirit

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Re: Revealing Dimensions
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mASF post by "spirit"
posted on: mASF forum: Playettes Discussion, May 5, 2002

You mean how to show you`re a multi dimensional character?

Revelation and responding to revelations in a `seductive` manner is
something I find very easy and natural. To what extent are you trying to
`home in` on this part of interacting with people and to what end?

"One important aspect of showing dimension is a bit tender, I suppose.
Inevitably someone reveals something truthful about himself and is then
embarrassed at having given me some power. It's something that if you laugh
or make fun of, really hurts. *THAT* is the crucial time, as far as I'm
concerned, to demonstrate integrity, trustworthiness. And this facet may
actually be anti-ASF, but it's important to me to be a stand-up person. "

To me this falls somewhat under the category of rapport....However depending
on the person who reveals that `truth` ( i.e AFC / PUA ) your response may
or may ot make a big difference. For example in the context of doing things
from a position of power I could tell you something about me - but have I
actually given you some power? or given you the perception of power? or

The knowing when to do/say things is something that really only comes with
experience as is spotting those crucial moments. On the other hand knowing
how to exploit those moments for maximum effect is also an aquired skill....
Bumping up someones emotional level a notch or two in a `bad` way can allow
you to gain even deeper levels of trust, rapport etc a minute or two down
the line

"Heaven doesn`t want me and Hell`s afraid I`ll take over" - My Ruin

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