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Emotions follow Biology

mASF post by Maximus_Meridius

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Emotions follow Biology
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mASF post by "Maximus_Meridius"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, April 4, 2005

Emotions follow Biology

I was reading some past posts by MrSex4NYC in when I came
across this following line that concerns women: "emotions follow biology." On
the surface, it merely seems like a simple statement. However, the more I
thought about this, the more profound I found this statement to be.

First , on the subject of kino. We all agree that kino is effective. Besides
challenging the barriers between you and the woman you are kinoing, I’m more
interested in how kino is manipulating the women at the emotional level. It
seems that at the basic level, when kino is done right, it starts to build an
emotional bond between you and the woman being kinoed:

>MrSex4uNYC writes:
>“What I didn't know is that all that fun I am giving them
>and the hugging and the "platonic" kissing is fun and
>games for me, but they are actually building an emotional
>connection to me at the same time! it's no wonder it's
>so easy for me to move from friendship to f*cking
>friends... they have been considering it all along
>because when I massage them or kiss them, I
>am stimulating them biologically and [b]I think/b] they
>like it for the short term, but what I didn't
>consider until Kate mentioned it is that their emotions
>come into play also and I have been
>setting them up for the action without even knowing it.”


From this, one could conclude that you should lead her to settings/environments
that allow for more kino (ie. action dates) versus settings/environments that
make kino more prohibitive. What are the other PUA’s thoughts on this?

Of course, this topic could not be complete without sex. There seems to be an
immense power shift in the relationship towards the man after sexual

>Maniac_High writes:
>“for a woman (M types anyways) sex is probably
>the ultimate power game, to give her self up completely, >and submit
completely her mind, her body, to someone


>MrSex4uNYC writes:
>“I find it fascinating how a chick will see you as a
>regular joe ONE day... and the day
>after you fucked her, it's as if you swam over to Mt.
>Everest and climbed the whole
>mountain together... with NO GEAR!”


And many PUAs have probably experienced a situation where a FB eventually
builds an emotional attachment to the PUA and will want more than a sexual
relationship when enough emotional attachment has been built:

>“After having sex, women feel that it has created this
>BOND to them. This makes it much easier for you to steer
>her towards an LTR if you'd choose. Women don't fvck
>everybody. Very few people are granted FULL ACCESS to her
>body. After you've experienced this level of intimacy
>(put your c0ck in her mouth, touched every part of her
>body, sweated all over each other, watched her swallow
>your cumm) she realizes that she has nothing to hide.
>You've already seen and experienced it all.”


I really like MrSex4uNYC's and ZipJack's (Kate) thoughts on this and perhaps
other PUAs can extend their own ideas around "Emotions follow Biology" as
neither MrSex4uNYC or ZipJack post any longer.

Comments, thoughts, and additional insights?


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