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FUCKUP: (Almost?) NYE Threesome with a stripper!

mASF post by CynicIan

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FUCKUP: (Almost?) NYE Threesome with a stripper!
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mASF post by "CynicIan"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, January 1, 2005

Hello gentlemen, CynicIan here. Hope all is well.

A bit of background on me: Longtime lurker of back before
it was moderated, then the SS list back in college. Used to post a bit back
then but am going to a very difficult professional school (and have gotten
success enough to not need serious AFC-type help) that I have only lurked in
the new mASF forums and then only every few months or so. Although
hopefully I can start getting back in the scene soon: just moved to Boston so
I'm very excited to chase college-aged tail again. Props to Formhandle for a
good list of places in town to pickup.

Currently living with a LTR who is bisexual, crazy about sex and more
importantly crazy about me. Sadly I haven't been living up to my end of the
bargain lately given my insane school schedule (for the past month I've been
working from 4 a.m. until 7 p.m. most days and some weekends). Before we
left for my parents and New Year's vacation (which this post is about) we DID
try seducing one of her former co-workers - which was another fuckup given
that she (the co-worker) had been abused as a teenager and despite talking
about sex a lot had a lot of hangups about it.

In this fuckup report there are (as I see it) exactly 3 big-time opportunities
that I blew. Comments/critiques appreciated.

So, my LTR and I go to New Orleans the day after Christmas and plan on
staying there until New Year's. The first day we arrive I'm exhausted and not
that thrilled about staying out late so I decide to take my girl to a small
stripclub on Bourbon. Why? Mainly because despite my LTR being into girls
she hasn't had much experience (mainly making out with girlfriends, all who
were not that hot in either of our opinions). I want to get my LTR comfortable.

The club is small and not that great but there was an amazing brunette with a
very hard body there that my girl and I really liked. Thin, great real breasts.
Also the rest of the guys (of which there were few) in the club were lame. So I
make good eye-contact, give my girl a few dollars while she was on the stage.
When she leaves she has to entertain some regulars but I ask her to stop by
to chat with us later. She seems thrilled to actually have a cute young couple
around rather than the rather pathetic-looking regulars at that early hour.

She comes by and my game is mainly to appear above it all. I'm MASSIVELY
social-proofed by having my hot girlfriend there and touching her more than
the stripper. The stripper's stage name was Destiny and she claimed her real
name was Sharon which she whispered to my girl. Okay, fine. The two of
them chat a bit and then I pull 'Sharon' aside and ask her for a private dance
for my girl, still trying to keep to my original plan. She agrees, leaves for a
to take a piss and while she's gone I leave my girl to hang out by the stage.
When Sharon returns she and my girl chat while I sit at the stage. She's just
recently started stripping, she's 18 years old, etc.

I come back, we go to the back. I tip Sharon more than the dance itself cost
which really excites her (like all strippers, $$$ does it) and then I watch the
hottest most amazing dance I've seen. Which isn't surprising since strippers
aren't threatened by girls. My LTR, like a good girl, touches Sharon
everywhere, sucks on her nipples (and Sharon on my LTR's) and they tongue
down. A lot.

After the dance is over both are sort of love-stoned by all the making out and
my LTR smartly comments on the tongue-ring on Sharon and asks if I can 'try
it out.' Sharon glances around quickly to make sure the bouncer isn't around
and then tongues down me!

So here's my first fuckup. Until Sharon started making out with me I just
assumed she was happy about the $$$ for the dance and otherwise just being
a regular stripper. When she tongued-down me I should have proceeded to
find out how we could meet her after work or the next day, possibly tried to
get her number. Instead my girl and I are happy (well, she's happy, I'm trying
to work the angles) and leave to go back to our hotel to fuck her brains out
since she's incredibly turned on by the whole affair.

So fast forward two days. Early in the evening I propose the idea of going
back to the club (Sharon told my LTR her work schedule for the week) to find
Sharon briefly and slip her contact info and/or try to get her cell phone
number. When we go back Sharon is dancing and seems thrilled to see us.
The club is also busier that night. Sharon comes sits with us and invites us to
a rave that 'a friend' of hers is throwing on New Year's Eve. Says she can get
us to the after-party. Massive IOI, especially sitting on my girl's lap playing
with her hair and giving her kisses while keeping eye-contact with me.

Fuck up #2: my initial plan was to 1) Thank her for the other night, telling
that my girl and me fucked our brains out thanks to her. 2) Pace her reality by
acknowledging that she has a persona that my girl dug but that she has her
own persona that may not coincide with what my girl is into. 3) Offer her
contact info slipped to her discreetly while getting another dance in exchange
for her cell number (didn't want to spend more $$$ but didn't want to get her
in trouble either) then 4) Tell her what I tell 'all the girls' that we like
which is
basically MadBad's threesome speech about us trying to seduce her (of
course) but that my LTR and I are getting laid so whatever she's into whether
it's her or me or watching or whatever is all good.

I liked my initial plan because it really seemed to cover all the bases.
Acknowledge past while getting her hot, pace reality, get digits to pursue
later and then make us both above it while making her feel safe.

So my fuckup was that instead of my plan, Sharon threw me for a loop by
inviting us out the next night. So my girl just made plans to meet her at the

So fast forward to New Year's Eve. The rave. We get in, and immediately run
into Sharon in a tight red dress arms linked with a large pimp-like fellow,
much much older than all of us and pretty fucking scary looking. And here is
fuckup #3.

Sharon introduces us as 'the couple I mentioned earlier' and pimp-guy Joel is
like 'from the club?' This is where I should have tried to engage him in
conversation, get his opinion about something, basically run group-theory
(which I frankly suck at). The only way to fix the situation at this point
be to be alpha yet non-threatening to the guy (given that Sharon was his girl)
and trying to structure an opportunity for later. Instead my fuses are blown, I
simply make perfunctory greetings and Joel, completely unthreatened, is all
'enjoy the party' and leaves with Sharon.

My LTR is much more intuitive than me (and thus once I finish training her to
work better with me will be dynamite in picking up girls with me) and we both
agreed that Sharon was thrilled to see us but couldn't do anything while her
sugar-daddy was there.

All in all, I'm happy by the experience because this gave me a lot to think
about but given that we were (I think) SO CLOSE it's very frustrating. So what
do people think? Were we close? Are those my only 3 opportunities I fucked
up or are there more? And as an aside, how do you think I could have handled
her pimp-guy better?

Honestly I think the only problem in this entire pickup was lack of opportunity
to close. Everyone was into everyone else and if I could have structured the
logistics better, everyone would have benefitted. Oh well...

Happy New Year's everyone! Hope your NYE pickups were much more
successful than mine was.


(note: although I e-mailed the webmaster to change my profile address it
hasn't been updated so if you want to contact me do not use my former
hotmail account. Use the same username

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