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Is DYD based on higher value?

mASF post by Intime

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Is DYD based on higher value?
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mASF post by "Intime"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2004

Haha i see you still remember TD's post.

Sure DYD style is to project higher value, just not high enough to consistently
ONS or "day 2 lay" almost anyone you want.

How many "PUA's" here can say they can fuck close over 80% of any girls they
sarge ( assuming they don't sarge mainly slutty party girls who have had dozens
of lays)

Actually despite what TD posted a long while ago, getting emails(and # at same
ime) and IM messaging is as good a way to #bridge as anything else.

It's obvious that most people here can't turn most of the girls they meet into
ONS. And unless you really can't take the time to even flirt and build rapport
around on MSN or wadever for a while ( since so many of uare on the internet so
often). Then use your "super power skillset" to get her into bed immediately.

When some people mention that DYD is not going to turn you into a PUA, they
basically mean that little ebook that he has put out and his weekly emails.

But get most of the products and you might even be better than how you will
eventually get reading and being confused by everything on this board. (
Considering he has been here since 2002 and is now saying he can't get laid
being C&F)

Actually his question is "Is DYD(C&F) based on higher value?
And the answer is yes. All seduction methods and pick up styles attempt to
teach you how to convey higher value.
(Higher value than her? HIgher value than the guy bfore you and after you?)

Actually it's higher value than whatever value you have now. So even if you
aren't an expert you can still convey higher value compared to how much "value"
you actually have now. SO you will still do better than how you are doing now

And C&F ( some people have warped intepretations of it and start arguing about
how it is ineffective i feel) is one of the best ways to do it.

And considering you have been here since 2002, how come you are only asking
about this now?

On 12/18/04 6:42:00 PM, rocker44 wrote:
>The DYD outer game stuff for
>the most part assumes that the
>guys don’t have the skillset
>to project value onto
>themselves around women. Most
>of his techniques use creative
>ways to get around this fact
>like asking chicks for their
>emails after 2 minutes before
>he can screw anything up and
>strategically conveying value
>over a few emails. He's also a
>big fan of internet personals
>and IM sarging. This kind of
>thing is frowned upon here on
>ASF because its not the most
>efficient way. This is
>alt.seduction.FAST after all,
>s_of_emails. DYD is basically
>a way to get loser guys laid
>right now and it's not going
>to turn you into a PUA.
>Personally I'm not a big fan
>of teaching new guys who are
>entirely socially
>un-calibrated C&F. It's very
>touchy and its almost and art
>form and its easy to get laid
>without it. It's taken me 3
>years now to calibrate it and
>become fully congruent with
>C&F and C&P done properly
>should be very indirect. Its
>like Deangelo teaches, treat
>her like your bratty little
>sister. You keep this up until
>you're getting a lot of IOIs
>from her, then you qualify her
>and move into rapport just
>like any other pickup. Its
>modeled after naturals in the
>field, its just toying around
>with girls. Its like if you
>had a girlfriend and three
>fuck buddies who were all HB9s
>at home and honestly didn't
>care at all about this girl in
>front of you, how would you
>treat her when she acted
>interested in you? That's what
>C&F is about.

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