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I‘m a t a crossroads. Please advise.

mASF post by Devastator

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I‘m a t a crossroads. Please advise.
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mASF post by "Devastator"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, October 10, 2004

Please read this PUs. I WILL do this. I will NOT read *anything* SS related for
two months starting November 1st.

I am now at a crossroads. This is it. I've been aware of asf/ss for two years,
but I've only used it to help me hook-up (which at my rAFC level is just more
than one kiss) with chycks with which I already had a foot in the door. You
know? Girls I've met through mutual friends, girls that already thought I was
hot and aggressively pursued me, etc. I admit that 9/10, it has just been
settling. I need to work the next 9 days on my mental state. I'll give you some
background information first, please comment as necessary:

I'm 23 black male, originally from Africa. Most of crowd I hang out with is
18-26. I avoid clubs, but I'm in DC so there is College Park (HUGE College
town), Adams Morgan (bars, young people from DC go there), Georgetown (a more
affluent crowd - mostly white rich, but still lots of them young), areas that
are available for night things. I go to house parties at least twice a month.

My goal now is to be able to pursue the girls that I WANT, not the ones that I
get. I'm reaching the point now though, of information overload. I've been
reading up on Mystery, which seems totally different from Gunwitch. C&F TD
style which is totally different from classic slower paced RJ pattern based SS.

The biggest thing I've learned and applied so far is not to supplicate. I don't
do that anymore, at least not in obvious ways like buying drinks, being
available 100% of the time. etc. I also consciously try and to minor kino to an
extent, such as touching shoulder, "removing specks of dirt from her hair",
"Checking out her ring", etc.

My biggest weaknesses:-

1) Thinking that being too direct will chase off or worse, offend, the girl.
i.e. I keep Kino safe.
2) Unable to do cold approaches.
3) Extreme introvert. Most of my hook-ups have actually been when I was kind of
being chased. I just get so lost in my thoughts and in my own world, I'm almost
trancing myself out. Unable to dominate a group, always the "quietest" one in a
4) I am still a virgin.
5) Intimidated by boyfriends (not THE person, but her relationship status

My biggest strengths (based on feedback):-

- I project innocence I've been told, one chyck told me, "Your eyes don't
undress me. I like that."
- I'm independent - I've graduated college and I have my own place.
- I am well read. I read a lot and I know all sorts of obscure facts.
- I speak basic Italian (self-taught, still learning) and French (at a higher
level) which is usually a pleasant surprise.


What game plan to use? I KNOW I need to be in the field, I'm going to forget
about this place very soon, it's what this post is about, but I think the smart
thing to do is to be armed with some tools to help me (3s rule after all). At
this point, I'm thinking of arming myself with 3 canned openers, 3 routines, 3
short patterns* and 3 Negs all of which are reasonably widely applicable to
different situations, and which can all be applied a appropriate stages of
interaction with women. I do not know if 3 additional Kino specific routines
are necessary, do you?

But which ones to pick? Too much information overload like I said.

I'm here as someone that wants to get better, and I now want to JUST DO IT.

I will not post again until next year. I will lurk and read responses to this
thread, for about 10 more days. And after that YOU will not see me. I'm not
bullshitting you guys. I have read Yaritai's post from when
he said if you've made a decision you have made it and there is no going back.
(BTW, he deserves his own archive, all of you fellow AFCs/rAFCs should check
out for "Yaritai" in google groups). I have made a decision.


I may have already two stories (patterns?) based on real life experiences over
the past few weeks. One about when I went to a gay bar and got hit on a lot,
and got free drinks. I could flip it to show how I understand how women get hit
on blah blah blah?

I recently got Earthlink to half my DSL monthly bill just by asking, so I could
turn it into a pattern about how to get what you want you just ask/do it and
about how companies (her) would hate to see others (other girls) have what they
(the girl) could have had.?

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