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Re: How did you get here?

mASF post by finalD

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Re: How did you get here?
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mASF post by "finalD"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2004

Foxsour wrote at Thu, 18 Mar 2004 07:38:00 GMT in
news:[email protected]:

> *waits for everyone to a) stop cackling loudly, or b)
> wiping puke off their computer screens*


I had a good laugh -- at your "telling her your feelings" AND at
the witty way you wrote this "a) ... b)" parody. Heh. "Foxsour"
... hmm ... fox and grapes ... makes ya go "hmm" ...

My story.

I found mASF through the old Usenet ASF, and I found the old
Usenet ASF through following the career of Ross Jeffries on the
internet, and I found Ross Jeffries' internet sites through
doing research the old-fashioned way and finding out who he was

Wow man you're oooooold.

I had successes, failures, etc. etc., but mainly was
dissatisfied. I had seen some articles about seduction, and
probably had tried a few times to figure out what the hell I was
doing wrong, and at one point got on some email list (OK, so the
internet was just beginning to exist) and Jeffries sent me a
free e-book type thing. I remember scoffing at it, and being
frustrated that this was "all there is" to help me out.

Several times, in the years approximately 1988 to 1993, I
attempted to find better resources. Eventually, I read that
Jeffries had been interviewed in Marie Claire magazine, so I
went to several public libraries trying to find the issue. I
photocopied the article and clung to it, and started JUST ONE
little NLP trick. This was about 1998 or 1999. There are lost
years in there, probably 5 or 7, where I was dating. I was
getting laid, often enough, as long as I had a "regular
girlfriend," and in between I was having odd failures -- often,
chicks would come-on to me, quite heavily (I had high value in
my peer group, since I was older than the undergrads I hung
with, and since I was a local-leader of the clubs) but somehow
it would all lead to naught, quite often. Like, chicks actually
said stuff like, "You know I really thought you were hot but now
that I've gotten to know you I can't imagine why I did." LOL.

This period progressed. I was hanging out with a few business-
knob guys, while I attended graduate school, and even though
usually they were "taken" and not looking, I noticed they seemed
to be happier about their prospects with women than I was, and
often when we were at one of Toronto's meat-market young-adult
pub-club type places, they'd be happy about ogling bouncing
titties and I'd be miserable. So I decided I needed a trick to
help me out.

Here's the trick:

Every time I saw a beautiful woman, I HAD previously told myself
(accidentally, of course; not knowing squat about state-
management or anything else) the following line in my head: "Why
can't I get a beautiful partner like that?" Sometimes it was
"Why don't I know people like that?" or "How come I can't lay a
girl like that?" or "Where do you meet people like that?"

And I decided to change the little sentence in my head. I
decided to say nothing other than, "Yes!" whenever I saw a hot
chick. I'd just HOLLER it imaginarily at myself, and hear it in
a million loud voices. "Yes!!!" Booming voice, squealing gleeful
children's chorus voices, funny Robin Williams voice, Donald
Duck voice, all saying "Yes."

Heh, I did pretty good inventing NLP and / or Ericksonian self-
talk all on my own, didn't I?

I actually noticed a near-immediate benefit in the manner in
which I interacted with women. It amazed me, and I recognized
that Jeffries had said something about self-talk in that article
in Marie Claire. So I went back to his old e-book. And scoffed
at it again, but at least I read it. (I DO wish he'd write in a
more respectable style.)

Then, I followed some links. And it hit me. I found another
website (not to be mentioned ... heh) where there was an
intelligent explanation of (1) supplication and (2) height-
bigorty (the concept that chicks hate it when guys judge by
looks, but then let themselves judge by something equally
arbitrary and unchangeable, height). I "heard" both of those
arguments loud and clear. I clickety-clacked all OVER the
goddamn internet those nights. I have to say, the article on
height-bigorty (I have a hard time typing that word, DANGIT ...
b i g o now the T now the R y there) was probably the
thing that tipped the scales. So I kept searching.

And I found two things:

1. Usenet ASF (including Formhandle's regularly posted FAQ,
which I followed through to some links to to find the
oldest of old postings on Usenet; you guys
should do that!; now it's available on Google, but same diff

2. an older copy of the pickupguide, I think still owned by the
guy with the French name (name? can't remember; Anton! yeah)

I read all of the pickupguide, and as much of the ASF FAQ as I
could memorize, and I ordered another free e-book from Jeffries,
which I printed out and took to the beach and read over about
six days straight. This would have been about Fall of 2000.

Then it just took time and diligent practice. Really, "diligent"
isn't the word. It's more, being inured and absorbed in the
material, than having to be assiduous and industrious about it.
And there's always more to learn. Thing is, I look back and
wonder why I resisted so much. I didn't actively EVER dispute
anything I read in seduction materials -- sometimes I disliked
the smarmy silly way they were written, but I always thought,
"Yeah, it's about technique; clearly, women respond to certain
stimuli that have nothing to do with whether or not you're
ACTUALLY a good catch for them." So I never really had excess
AFC-itis. I was and am an original thinker, not concerned too
much with conformity, but still I didn't "see" that the solution
was presenting itself to me. I'd go, like, "Yeah, that makes
sense," and then I'd PUT IT DOWN for three years or so. Hunh?

Anyway, finally I swallowed the blue pill (or is it the red
one). Fall 2000 I think. That's my story.

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in
higher esteem those who think alike than those who think

Friedrich Nietzsche

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