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AMOG tactics lead me to confrontation/violence

mASF post by artist

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AMOG tactics lead me to confrontation/violence
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mASF post by "artist"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

I planned to post a topic about this since there are many "wannabe tough" guys
here, so i have incorporated my thoughts for that into this post. Very
important stuff - your health!!

On 4/2/05 1:22:00 AM, Stifler wrote:
>beat the shit out of one and
>the rest wont mess with you

How well have you field tested this? Ever been in a street fight?

On 4/2/05 3:16:00 AM, mellow wrote:
>Read "When I Say No, I Feel Guilty" by
>Manuel J. Smith
>I know the title doesn't sound
>promising, but it has the only AMOG
>tactic I use and it's totally

Please post it.

On 4/2/05 2:13:00 AM, J-Ho wrote:
>I got happy
>slapped. (If anyone doesn't know what that is then I can
post a short definition)


One friend of mine, a
>massive (6ft4 300lb) black guy
>got beaten with belts and
>chains after he punched some
>guy who was racist to him.

key point.

>Really I am looking for
>methods to avoid violence
>without losing face,

what is your definition of "losing face"?

> or even
>better, AMOG tactics that
>avoid confrontation in the
>first place.

how about you forget the AMOG tactics in such a dangerous place?!! Some
situations are just not hospitable for PU. Trying to impress some random HB (or
even one you are out with) is just not worth going to hospital or worse.

There are many wannabe tough guys (KJs) here who write things like: "if any guy
stepped up i would smash him, you cant accept disrespect in front of a girl..."
etc, but actually lack real-world experience. They say "IF"!! And even if you
are 7 foot, know karate... etc, having a "fight" mentality is negative and will
take you down.

I have seen this negativity and i have had my teeth knocked in, neck slashed...
etc - from fights started by LOSERS - for few reasons except that they are so
insecure that they have to prove their worthiness (or toughness) to others and

Also, a drunken state reflects a lot about someone. So if you feel yourself
getting aggressive when drunk (i know i have) ask yourself why.

On 4/2/05 5:48:00 AM, JacknCoke wrote:
>AMOG tactics, don't make me
>laugh. If you got the right
>kind of frame combined with
>the right attitude and game,
>you'll never need it.

Well, at least very rarely. Just do what you can to minimise the chances of a
fight. I am not advocating immediately running away and being totally
submissive. Simply ignore it if comes up, then just be calm and say or do
whatever you have to in order for you to remain fairly respected in the LOSER'S
eyes while minimising the chance of the fight. Often though, the guy is just
drunk so just moving away is the best bet.

If he senses that you really want to fight or that you really dont, he may be
more likely to attack. And often they want to start a fight for a reason, i.e.
they have something which is unknown to you - backup, training, carelessness,
knife, gun.. etc.

This is hard to explain, and is highly "situational", but basically, i ignore,
stay calm, avoid. "Hey sorry man, i dont mean any disrespect... i am a lover
not a fighter... i dont wish you any bad things man..." etc. This is my
experience though, so i suggest researching some more properly tested and
scientific methods of confrontation avoidance before putting these tactics into
place without consideration.

Since we all put ourselves in these dangerous situations, learning self defence
could be advised - it will make you safer (and increase your ability to protect
your HBs and Wings), more confident, more relaxed... etc.

(By the way, one of our wings' greatest qualities is creating more safety.)

>apart from that I want to
>respond to this because I
>think all these aggressive
>confronting fools should know
>that there's one golden rule:
>You will meet the wrong guy
>one day.

Exactly. Guys think that they can just keep acting tough since most others wont
do much. Chances are, one day it will catch up to you.

It's bad enough
>that these days you should be
>able to protect yourself, but
>seeking the confrontation is
>truly stupid.

>And as a side note, raising
>your voice to come of
>'dangerous', is a sign of


Why would you want to fight anyway? Are you too insecure in yourself to let
some loser try to attack you and back off in fear of what others will think? It
doesnt make you less of a man, in fact, it makes you more of one for being a
POSITIVE FORCE in our community.

"Everyone wants to be happy", and i found that if i just aim to create the most
happiness i will be more happy in the end. Of course there are exceptions, but
this applies to almost all situations.

Think about it in terms of frames and desires. When he steps up, and you step
too, you accept his frame!! You are saying: "so you want to fight me, well, i
will prove myself to you LOSER and give in to your desire" If you dont really
want to fight but you do anyway you are giving in to him.

This "alpha" conception of a "tough guy" is one aspect which needs re-adressing
in mASF. How about we aim to be leaders of the community - in many ways - and
especially regarding PU (lead women).

STOP TRYING TO PROVE YOUR TOUGHNESS, and become a positive force in our
collective. As much as we must take responsibility for our feelings, thoughts,
relationships... etc, we support and live off each other in this COMMUNITY.

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