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Filed LMR. LJBFs! Weird.

mASF post by tigger

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Filed LMR. LJBFs! Weird.
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mASF post by "tigger"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2005

On 1/2/05 10:28:00 PM, Geoff wrote:
>Hey Bro,
>I think that it's really great
>that you went and tried to get
>with the girl again. I think
>in the process you learnes
>some invaluable lessons that
>you'll take with you into
>future social interactions. I
>specifically liked the way
>that you had
>'wash-rinse-repeate' in your
>I think next time you can
>structure the interaction a
>little better because let's
>look at this portion of the
>I reply "nothing is going to
>happen. If it does its is my
>fault... I got you to come
>over here in the first place."
>Then I dim the lights. Try
>kissing again.
>You could have said something
>like, "Ok, it's cool, I want
>to have a good time with you."
>THEN, maybe back off and build
>some commonalities and
>establish a deep emotional
>connection by dropping game
>and letting her know what
>you've been up to for the past
>year. Then, as things
>progress get close to her,
>lean in and kiss her.
>Dude, you can have that chic.
>Keep trying, you're going to
>gain a lot of valuable lessons
>from this. Take care, and
>thanks for posting on here.
>(c) REAL Social Dynnnnnnamics

Weird dude. I'm not sure what's going on, or why you have selectively chosen to
piggyback on the four posts I made??? New AMOG tactic? You'll be able to
appreciate these posts:
If this is because I gave Woodhaven and Dimitri a "good luck" notice in general
for their new workshop, then that is just fucked up.
Don't sweat me. I'm not a commercial person. Notice I don't have taglines,
"(c)", and websites at the end of my posts.

As far as FallOfTroy pursuing this chick, your advice sounds like you are
smoking crack, or didn't read his whole post, and just gave it the once-over
RSD treatment. It is more than a LMR/ASD problem, and he wasn't going to get
her no matter how much he tried to "establish a deep emotional connection" with
her that night. He has already fucked the girl multiple times. But that's all
history anyways, and now he needs to consider what he does from here. You're
telling him to go AFC. And yeah, thanks for posting on here.


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