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Amog Contrasting: quick massive value - solid game

mASF post by chariot

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Amog Contrasting: quick massive value - solid game
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mASF post by "chariot"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, December 12, 2004

On 12/27/04 9:35:00 AM, LuckyLuciano wrote:

bro its all situational, depending on buying temp levels and many other

but as a standard - this is how i would handle the following situations...

>1. pull the hb away from me
>and move her to another part
>of bar

he will usually be moving her quickly, very quickly - she may have even
forgotten about you in that 2 second space soooo... I would follow. Calm, cool,
collected - follow S-L-O-W-E-R than they are moving and when they stop, roll in
slow and smooth DISAKNOWLEDGING what just happened and hit her with a new
thread of conversation. The added emotions will help you. If the AMOG tries to
call you on this - look him in the eye, pause, "Dude, im just chatting" - look
back at girl and make the 'He's weird' girlcode face.

>2.physically block me out
"Whoa - big truck, gear down" - move back in front of him and keep gaming like
nothing phases you.

>3.Try to show possession or
>whatever by putting arms
>around shoulder.

keep gaming like it never happened - because if you gamed her correct, she wont
even NOTICE anyone around her - even the guy on her shoulder. if hes getting
attention with it - "You to look so cute together, especially you (to AMOG), if
I was gay - I would so go for this guy"

>4.Make some statement that the
>hb is "his" (usually some big
>amog will try this)
"Whoa man - seriously? Well shes a player because I fucked her last night" -
Note you need a STRONG FRAME to do any amog'ing. This blows them out instantly
- 100% field verified.

>5.or start trying to beta you
>with insults etc. especially
>if he was working on hb before
>or is her friend or orbiter.

Insert common found ASF amog tactic here. I actually LIKE it when this happens.
It like if he tools me i will cut him down INSTANTLY and steal his girl.

>what about these situations?

It sounds like your NOT coming in with a strong enough frame. Now, obviously
this IS the internet and I would have to see you in field... but when I enter
amog sets they 90% of the time either
a) walk off
b) sit there FROZEN and POWERLESS under the social pressure

AND the girl literally CANNOT hear them when they yell at them and try to get
attention - because she is SO fixated on me. Its crazy to watch.

good luck bro


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