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Field Report: I TURNED DOWN SEX....holy shit....

mASF post by ijjjji

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Field Report: I TURNED DOWN SEX....holy shit....
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mASF post by "ijjjji"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2004

Sorry man, there is a lot more to getting the sex than this.

BTW, your 'Bro' AMOG'ed you. If he had allowed you to explore things with this
girl on your own, things might have been totally different, but since he
beta'fied you by taking control over the frame, he also took away your dominant
role in the interaction and thus prevented creation of chemistry. A man needs
to feel dominant, relative to the girl, just like she needs to feel submissive
relative to the guy.

Trust me, I've become INCREDIBLY HORNY for very ugly girls who were still
feminine and submissive. And I've chatted amazingly beautiful cat walk models
without feeling a thing because they were too tall and too confident/dominant.

So, from this you should learn that playing match maker is a GREAT anti AMOG
tactic! (I use it _all_ the time)

When a friend does this, I suggest pulling him aside asking if he wants the
girl and suggest he stays out of it if not.

If its an enemy AMOG, I suggest fighting back in same style, explaining to the
girl that AMOG actually wants her and she should choose him cos they would make
such a cute couple etc..

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